National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy (U.S.) (41)
Breggin, Peter R. (13)
Olympia, Mary (11)
Bostick, M. Renee (7)
Unzicker, Rae (7)
Freddolino, Paul (6)
Johnson, Bill (6)
Blaska, Betty (4)
Breeding, John (4)
Chamberlin, Judi, 1944-2010 (4)
Bassman, Ronald (3)
Jacobs, David H. (3)
Stefan, Susan (3)
Darrow, Kim L. (2)
Dart, Justin, 1930-2002 (2)
Ebert, George (2)
Everett, Sandra (2)
Feld, Dennis B. (2)
Ferleger, David (2)
Francis, J. Scott (2)
Goldman, E. M. (2)
Jacobs, Sandra E. (2)
Krauss, Anne (2)
McCubbin, Michael (2)
Salter, Mary-Linden (2)
Shapiro, Joan (2)
Sharav, Vera Hassner (2)
Shimrat, Irit (2)
Szasz, Thomas, 1920-2012 (2)
Thompson, Ron (2)
Weitz, Don (2)
Allen, Michael (1)
Ardinger, Robert (1)
Beeck, Marilyn Jackson (1)
Benjamin, Anne Myra. (1)
Blanch, Andrea K. (1)
Breggin, Ginger Ross (1)
Breggin, Paul R. (1)
Carlin, Paul J. (1)
Cichon, Dennis E. (1)
Clay, Sally (1)
Cohen, David (1)
Colbert, Cathy (1)
Costanzo, Cathy (1)
Cubra, Peter (1)
Darrow, Kim L. (1)
Deegen, Patricia (1)
Dellis Kathy (1)
Dorfner, Paul (1)
Duke, Lynne (1)
Duncan, Barry (1)
Engels, Paul (1)
Fay, Fred (1)
Feld, Donald B. (1)
Frank, Leonard Roy (1)
Freddolino, Pail (1)
Gagne, Raymond (1)
Gagne, Raymond J. (1)
Goleman, David (1)
Gould, Martin (1)
Hammer, Judith A. (1)
Hiramoto, Stacie (1)
Imparato, Andrew (1)
Jacobson, Judy (1)
Lavine, Judy (1)
Lehrman, Nathaniel S.. (1)
Levy, Robert (1)
Lindow, Viv (1)
Lynch, Adele M. (1)
Magdalen, M. (1)
Martennson, Lars (1)
Mayer, Christine (1)
McCarthey, Jayne (1)
McCarthy, Jayne (1)
McInnes, Sasha Clair (1)
Mead, Shery (1)
Mosher, Loren R. (1)
Moxley, David P. (1)
Oaks, David (1)
Ochoa, Gregg (1)
Peebles, Ernest (1)
Pelka, Fred, 1954- (1)
Peller, Barbara (1)
Periard, Steve (1)
Porter, Bill. (1)
Rice, Marilyn (1)
Ridgway, Priscilla (1)
Rosenthal, Harvey (1)
Rutherford, Andrew (1)
Sanua, Victor D. (1)
Scallett, Leslie (1)
Scharke, Clifford C. (1)
Schulman, Richard (1)
Schwartz, Ira M. (1)
Siegel, Norman (1)
Smith, Randolph (1)
Specht, David (1)
Spindel, Patricia (1)
Stevens, Lawrence (1)
Stewart, Bill (1)
Susko, Michael A. (1)
Tevlin, Jon (1)
Valentine, Michael (1)
Wallcraft, Jan (1)
Weinberg, Mickey (1)
Wieselthier, Vicki Fox (1)
Wright, Lynda M. (1)
Zack, Margaret (1)
deFiebre, Conrad (1)


Legal status, laws, etc. (41)
Mentally ill (41)
Patient advocacy (41)
Psychotropic drugs (13)
Mentally ill children (9)
Electroconvulsive therapy (6)
Homelessness (4)
Psychiatric hospitals (4)
Law and legislation (3)
Psychiatric survivors movement (3)
Civil rights (1)
Elecrtroconvulsive therapy (1)
Electroconvulsiv therapy (1)
Institutionalization (1)
Psychiatric survivor movement (1)


Newsletters (41)
Periodicals (41)


Tom Behrendt Collection (41)


United States (41)
Minneapolis (Minn.) (24)
St. Paul (Minn.) (7)
Lawrence (Kans.) (3)
Port Washington (N.Y.) (3)
Texas (3)
Bloomington (Minn.) (1)
Philadelphia (Pa.) (1)
Rumford (R.I.) (1)
Rumford, (R.I.) (1)



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Minneapolis (Minn.) - Includes: "Scandal exposed in private Texas hospitals"; Rae Unzicker, "The tyranny that is called help"; Peter R. Breggin, "News and views of psychiatry"; "Bonnie Leitsch's story"; Cathy Costanzo, "Restraint and seclusion: a rose by any other name."
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1991 Dec. – 1992 May
thumbnail image

Minneapolis (Minn.) - Includes: "NARPA '92 primoses alternatives to the medical model"; Peter R. Breggin, "The 'violence initiative: a racist biomedical program for social control"; "Canadian report: abuses occur despite rules"; "Texas advocates win ECT rules change"Janet Foner, book review of Too Much anger, Too Many Tears."
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1992 June – 1992 Aug.
thumbnail image

Minneapolis (Minn.) - Includes: "Mental health P&A bill passes Senate, introduced in House"; "City of Cleburne loses the fight against group home"; NARPA Conference participants, read this:"
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1985 Sept. – 1985 Nov.
thumbnail image

St. Paul (Minn.) - Includes: "The learning edge: spirit of equality"; "Mental health advocate: the struggle for social justice"; Peter R. Breggin, "European survivor and doctor attacked by drug company"; Michael A. Susko, "Disturbing information from academia"; Bill Johnson, "Thoughts about things in general."
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1997 Sept. – 1997 Nov.
thumbnail image

St. Paul (Minn.) - Includes: Paul Freddolino, "NARPA: the early years"; John Breeding, "Electroshock and Ritalin: elders as victims, elders as protectors"; Judi Chamberlin et al., "Survivor leaders respond to article in Psychiatric Services"; Kathryn Colbert, "Texas P&A sues state over ECT issue of consent."
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1997 Mar. – 1997 May
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Minneapolis (Minn.) - Includes: "NARPA conference had record attendance"; "Yes, Michigan, in 1987!" ; M. Renee Bostick, "Congress establishes national mental advocacy system"; Leslie Scallet, "Washington wrapup and look ahead"; "An evaluation of outpatient commitment criteria"; "Police patrol -- or control?"
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1987 Jan.
thumbnail image

Minneapolis (Minn.) - Includes: Peter Breggin, "The scapegoating of American children"; "A new coalition for psychiatric liberation"; M. Renee Bostick, "NARPA asks for more P&A funding, access to records; Congress says no"; Mary Olympia, "Some days advocacy feels like hop, skip and trip."
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1990 Mar. –
thumbnail image

Minneapolis (Minn.) - Includes: Paul Freddolino, "NARPA Annual Conference held in Detroit"; Marilyn Jackson Beeck, Ira M. Schwartz, and Andrew Rutherford, "Trends and issues in juvenile confinement for psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment"; David Specht, "Study of friendships: what it's like to the 'in' but not 'part of' a community"; Bill Johnson, "Minnesota hospital calls for less... more
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

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Minneapolis (Minn.) - Includes: Andrea K. Blanch, Paul J. Carlin, and Priscilla Ridgway, "Implementing a supported housing approach"; "1989 NARPA Conference"; Sandra Everett, "Electroshock: the nightmare."
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1989 Dec. –
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Lawrence (Kans.) - Includes: "A new NARPA for a new millennium"; Vicki Fox Wieselthier and Michael Allen, "Force treatment doesn't work"
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1998 Sept. – 1998 Nov.