National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy (U.S.) (41)
Breggin, Peter R. (13)
Olympia, Mary (11)
Bostick, M. Renee (7)
Unzicker, Rae (7)
Freddolino, Paul (6)
Johnson, Bill (6)
Blaska, Betty (4)
Breeding, John (4)
Chamberlin, Judi, 1944-2010 (4)
Bassman, Ronald (3)
Jacobs, David H. (3)
Stefan, Susan (3)
Darrow, Kim L. (2)
Dart, Justin, 1930-2002 (2)
Ebert, George (2)
Everett, Sandra (2)
Feld, Dennis B. (2)
Ferleger, David (2)
Francis, J. Scott (2)
Goldman, E. M. (2)
Jacobs, Sandra E. (2)
Krauss, Anne (2)
McCubbin, Michael (2)
Salter, Mary-Linden (2)
Shapiro, Joan (2)
Sharav, Vera Hassner (2)
Shimrat, Irit (2)
Szasz, Thomas, 1920-2012 (2)
Thompson, Ron (2)
Weitz, Don (2)
Allen, Michael (1)
Ardinger, Robert (1)
Beeck, Marilyn Jackson (1)
Benjamin, Anne Myra. (1)
Blanch, Andrea K. (1)
Breggin, Ginger Ross (1)
Breggin, Paul R. (1)
Carlin, Paul J. (1)
Cichon, Dennis E. (1)
Clay, Sally (1)
Cohen, David (1)
Colbert, Cathy (1)
Costanzo, Cathy (1)
Cubra, Peter (1)
Darrow, Kim L. (1)
Deegen, Patricia (1)
Dellis Kathy (1)
Dorfner, Paul (1)
Duke, Lynne (1)
Duncan, Barry (1)
Engels, Paul (1)
Fay, Fred (1)
Feld, Donald B. (1)
Frank, Leonard Roy (1)
Freddolino, Pail (1)
Gagne, Raymond (1)
Gagne, Raymond J. (1)
Goleman, David (1)
Gould, Martin (1)
Hammer, Judith A. (1)
Hiramoto, Stacie (1)
Imparato, Andrew (1)
Jacobson, Judy (1)
Lavine, Judy (1)
Lehrman, Nathaniel S.. (1)
Levy, Robert (1)
Lindow, Viv (1)
Lynch, Adele M. (1)
Magdalen, M. (1)
Martennson, Lars (1)
Mayer, Christine (1)
McCarthey, Jayne (1)
McCarthy, Jayne (1)
McInnes, Sasha Clair (1)
Mead, Shery (1)
Mosher, Loren R. (1)
Moxley, David P. (1)
Oaks, David (1)
Ochoa, Gregg (1)
Peebles, Ernest (1)
Pelka, Fred, 1954- (1)
Peller, Barbara (1)
Periard, Steve (1)
Porter, Bill. (1)
Rice, Marilyn (1)
Ridgway, Priscilla (1)
Rosenthal, Harvey (1)
Rutherford, Andrew (1)
Sanua, Victor D. (1)
Scallett, Leslie (1)
Scharke, Clifford C. (1)
Schulman, Richard (1)
Schwartz, Ira M. (1)
Siegel, Norman (1)
Smith, Randolph (1)
Specht, David (1)
Spindel, Patricia (1)
Stevens, Lawrence (1)
Stewart, Bill (1)
Susko, Michael A. (1)
Tevlin, Jon (1)
Valentine, Michael (1)
Wallcraft, Jan (1)
Weinberg, Mickey (1)
Wieselthier, Vicki Fox (1)
Wright, Lynda M. (1)
Zack, Margaret (1)
deFiebre, Conrad (1)


Legal status, laws, etc. (41)
Mentally ill (41)
Patient advocacy (41)
Psychotropic drugs (13)
Mentally ill children (9)
Electroconvulsive therapy (6)
Homelessness (4)
Psychiatric hospitals (4)
Law and legislation (3)
Psychiatric survivors movement (3)
Civil rights (1)
Elecrtroconvulsive therapy (1)
Electroconvulsiv therapy (1)
Institutionalization (1)
Psychiatric survivor movement (1)


Newsletters (41)
Periodicals (41)


Tom Behrendt Collection (41)


United States (41)
Minneapolis (Minn.) (24)
St. Paul (Minn.) (7)
Lawrence (Kans.) (3)
Port Washington (N.Y.) (3)
Texas (3)
Bloomington (Minn.) (1)
Philadelphia (Pa.) (1)
Rumford (R.I.) (1)
Rumford, (R.I.) (1)



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Minneapolis (Minn.) - Includes: Joan Shapiro, "Long-term psychotherapy with 'chronic' clients"; Peter R. Breggin, "News and views on psychiatry"; Don Weitz, "Struggling against shock in Ontario" a brief history"; Irit Shimrat, "Ontario survivors are organized and strong"; Paul Dorfner, "On the level: a report from the National Mental Health Consumers Association."
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1991 Mar. – 1991 May
thumbnail image

Philadelphia (Pa.) - Includes: David Ferleger, "Amazing grace: the struggle continues"; M. Renee Bostick, "Establishing the direction of a national advocacy organization: advocacy action agenda."
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1984 Dec.
thumbnail image

Minneapolis (Minn.) - Includes: Betty Blaska, "What it's like to be treated like a 'CMI'"; "Jury awards patient $600,000"; "1989 Rights Conference news"; George Ebert, "Drugs are major part of psychiatric woes says speaker from personal experience"; "Rhode Island consumers open a drop-in center"; Betty Blaska, "Many medications mistakes are reasons for doctors to listen to consumers."
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1989 June – 1989 Aug.
thumbnail image

Minneapolis (Minn.) - Includes: "Minnesota group home corporation loses zoning law challenge"; Betty Blaska, "Trends and predictions in the area of mental health and mental health consumers"; Mary Olympia, "Book review: The Loony-Bin Trip"; "Alternatives '90: mental patients to organize national conference in Pittsburgh"; Mary Olympia, "Madison consumers protest therapy cuts."
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1990 June – 1990 Aug.
thumbnail image

Minneapolis (Minn.) - Includes: Mary Olympia, "NARPA '90 strategies coming up November 7-10 in Florida"; Dennis E. Cichon, "An analysis of Washington v. Harper"; "Sexual abuse of women with mental illness researched"; Marilyn Rice, "A history of the FDA's regulatory proceedings concerning electroconvulsive therapy."
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1990 Sept. – 1990 Nov.
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Minneapolis (Minn.) - Includes: Mary Olympia, "'Alternatives as answers' in the heart of America"; Peter R. Breggin, "Update on the 'violence initiative'"; Lynne Duke, "NIH holds up subsidy for crime, genetics conference"; Paul P. Freddolino, "Family, consumer, and advocate perspectives"; Betty Blaska, "Found in an adult patient psychiatric handbook."
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1992 Sept. – 1992 Nov.
thumbnail image

Bloomington (Minn.) - Includes: "NARPA's task force on the 'right to refuse' develops work plan"; M. Renee Bostick, "Ohio medication refusal policy refined after national study"; "The origins of the right to refuse psychiatric treatment and antipsychotic medication; information on 1985 NARPA conference, "The cause endures."
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1985 Mar. – 1985 May
thumbnail image

Minneapolis (Minn.) - Includes: Paul Freddolino, "1990 NARPA conference goes international"; Leonard Roy Frank, "The Center for the Study of Psychiatry feature report: San Francisco puts electroshock on public trial"; "Drug lawsuit, drug companies, make Minnesota news"; Mary Olympia, "Editorial: the family of NARPA."
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1990 Dec. – 1991 Feb.
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Minneapolis (Minn.) - Includes: Randolph Smith, "Ohio Legal Services files class action suit"; "Practical theme for 1987 Rights Conference"; David Ferleger, "Lelsz case spells defeat in Texas"; Mary Olympia, "Landmark Minnesota legislative year"; Rae Unzicker, "Plexiglass cages and broken hearts"; Judi Chamberlin, "Forced treatment is basic problem."
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1987 June – 1987 Aug.
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Rumford, (R.I.) - Includes: "NARPA '98 Conference"; "This just in from the Disability Law Project in Burlington, Vt."; Lawrence Stevens, "Does mental illness exist?"
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1998 Sept. – 1998 Nov.