National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy (U.S.) (41)
Breggin, Peter R. (13)
Olympia, Mary (11)
Bostick, M. Renee (7)
Unzicker, Rae (7)
Freddolino, Paul (6)
Johnson, Bill (6)
Blaska, Betty (4)
Breeding, John (4)
Chamberlin, Judi, 1944-2010 (4)
Bassman, Ronald (3)
Jacobs, David H. (3)
Stefan, Susan (3)
Darrow, Kim L. (2)
Dart, Justin, 1930-2002 (2)
Ebert, George (2)
Everett, Sandra (2)
Feld, Dennis B. (2)
Ferleger, David (2)
Francis, J. Scott (2)
Goldman, E. M. (2)
Jacobs, Sandra E. (2)
Krauss, Anne (2)
McCubbin, Michael (2)
Salter, Mary-Linden (2)
Shapiro, Joan (2)
Sharav, Vera Hassner (2)
Shimrat, Irit (2)
Szasz, Thomas, 1920-2012 (2)
Thompson, Ron (2)
Weitz, Don (2)
Allen, Michael (1)
Ardinger, Robert (1)
Beeck, Marilyn Jackson (1)
Benjamin, Anne Myra. (1)
Blanch, Andrea K. (1)
Breggin, Ginger Ross (1)
Breggin, Paul R. (1)
Carlin, Paul J. (1)
Cichon, Dennis E. (1)
Clay, Sally (1)
Cohen, David (1)
Colbert, Cathy (1)
Costanzo, Cathy (1)
Cubra, Peter (1)
Darrow, Kim L. (1)
Deegen, Patricia (1)
Dellis Kathy (1)
Dorfner, Paul (1)
Duke, Lynne (1)
Duncan, Barry (1)
Engels, Paul (1)
Fay, Fred (1)
Feld, Donald B. (1)
Frank, Leonard Roy (1)
Freddolino, Pail (1)
Gagne, Raymond (1)
Gagne, Raymond J. (1)
Goleman, David (1)
Gould, Martin (1)
Hammer, Judith A. (1)
Hiramoto, Stacie (1)
Imparato, Andrew (1)
Jacobson, Judy (1)
Lavine, Judy (1)
Lehrman, Nathaniel S.. (1)
Levy, Robert (1)
Lindow, Viv (1)
Lynch, Adele M. (1)
Magdalen, M. (1)
Martennson, Lars (1)
Mayer, Christine (1)
McCarthey, Jayne (1)
McCarthy, Jayne (1)
McInnes, Sasha Clair (1)
Mead, Shery (1)
Mosher, Loren R. (1)
Moxley, David P. (1)
Oaks, David (1)
Ochoa, Gregg (1)
Peebles, Ernest (1)
Pelka, Fred, 1954- (1)
Peller, Barbara (1)
Periard, Steve (1)
Porter, Bill. (1)
Rice, Marilyn (1)
Ridgway, Priscilla (1)
Rosenthal, Harvey (1)
Rutherford, Andrew (1)
Sanua, Victor D. (1)
Scallett, Leslie (1)
Scharke, Clifford C. (1)
Schulman, Richard (1)
Schwartz, Ira M. (1)
Siegel, Norman (1)
Smith, Randolph (1)
Specht, David (1)
Spindel, Patricia (1)
Stevens, Lawrence (1)
Stewart, Bill (1)
Susko, Michael A. (1)
Tevlin, Jon (1)
Valentine, Michael (1)
Wallcraft, Jan (1)
Weinberg, Mickey (1)
Wieselthier, Vicki Fox (1)
Wright, Lynda M. (1)
Zack, Margaret (1)
deFiebre, Conrad (1)


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Mentally ill children (9)
Electroconvulsive therapy (6)
Homelessness (4)
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Law and legislation (3)
Psychiatric survivors movement (3)
Civil rights (1)
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Electroconvulsiv therapy (1)
Institutionalization (1)
Psychiatric survivor movement (1)


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Tom Behrendt Collection (41)


United States (41)
Minneapolis (Minn.) (24)
St. Paul (Minn.) (7)
Lawrence (Kans.) (3)
Port Washington (N.Y.) (3)
Texas (3)
Bloomington (Minn.) (1)
Philadelphia (Pa.) (1)
Rumford (R.I.) (1)
Rumford, (R.I.) (1)



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Minneapolis (Minn.) - Includes: Jayne McCarthy and Mary-Linden Salter, "Seclusion and restraint review"; "Portland chosen for 1988 NARPA Conference"; "NARPA president is new division director in Michigan"; Norman Siegel and Robert Levy, "The plight of the mentally ill homeless"; Raymond J. Gagne, "A self made man"; Margaret Zack, "Minnesota court says patient may refuse some drugs"; Lynda M.... more
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1988 Mar. – 1988 May
thumbnail image

St. Paul (Minn.) - Includes: Susan Stefan, "NARPA files an amicus brief with Supreme Court"; David Oaks, "NARPA holds national protest on forced electroshock"; Judy Lavine, "1995 conference fights for rights in perilous times"; Peter R. Breggin, "Drugging children and family values: they don't go together"; Peter R. Breggin, "Despite controversy, modified genetics conference held"; "Confe... more
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1995 Dec. – 1996 Feb.
thumbnail image

Minneapolis (Minn.) - Includes: Scott Francis, "A higher visibility is in NARPA's future"; Mary Olympia, "Great plans ahead"; "Children first!"; Judith A. Hammer, "The fine line"; Nathaniel S. Lehrman, book review "How history repeats and nobody notices"; Ron Thompson, book review "And They Call It Help"; Paul Freddolino, "1993 NARPA Conference builds bridges"; Bill Johnson, "Thoughts about ... more
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1993 Dec. – 1994 Feb.
thumbnail image

Minneapolis (Minn.) - Includes: Szasz to keynote 1988 rights conference; Jayne McCarthey and Mary-Linden Salter, "Seclusion and restraint review"; Raymond J. Gagne, "A self made man"; George Ebert, "From breaking the silence to access to advocacy"; Conrad deFiebre, "Minnesota continues to rely on restrictive settings."
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1988 June – 1988 Aug.
thumbnail image

Minneapolis (Minn.) - Includes: Paul Freddolino, "Diversity reigns at the 1991 NARPA conference"; Peter R. Breggin, "News and views on psychiatry"; Peter R. Breggin, "The facts about clozapine (clorazil)"; Lars Martennson, "'The meaning of life effaced': the impact of neuroleptic drugs on the mind"; Mary Olympia, Book review; Mary Olympia, "Director of Minnesota Health Association dies"; Barbara Peller, "At... more
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1991 Sept. – 1991 Nov.
thumbnail image

St. Paul (Minn.) - Includes: Rae Unzicker, "A year for giving back"; Irit Shimrat, "Coming together; overcoming together"; David H. Jacobs, "A research plan to obtain independent information concerning the safety and efficacy of psychiatric medications"; Sandra E. Jacobs, "Broken brains or wounded hearts: what causes mental illness"; Adele M. Lynch, "Begone woebegone stereotypes"; Anne Myra Benjamin, "in... more
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1996 Dec. – 1997 Feb.
thumbnail image

Rumford (R.I.) - Includes: "1998 NARPA Conference in Albany, New York"; "Position on parity for health care"; "Exit Joe Camel, enter Joe Prozac"; Clifford C. Scharke, "Dangerous and non-therapeutic psychiatric experimentation on children"; "The case of the month"; "The cases from the circuit court"; "Psychiatric hospitals accused of holding patients captive in Fla."; Peter R. Breggin, "... more
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1998 Mar. – 1998 May
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Port Washington (N.Y.) - Includes: Harvey Rosenthal, "Mental health civil rights movement leaders press Bush administration for inclusion"; "Rights under seige: NARPA 2002"; M. Magdalen and E. M. Goldman, "Highlights of NARPA 2001: celebrating the life and passion of Rae Unzicker"; Shery Mead, "Rights, research and liberation"; Vanessa Jackson, "In our voices: the healing power of telling our stories";... more
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

2001 Dec. – 2002 May
thumbnail image

Lawrence (Kans.) - Includes: "The Highlander statement of concern and call to action"; Michael McCubbin, "Sweet words that hurt: the make-believe world of user participation, rights and voice"; John Breeding, "Children and psychiatric drugs: Colorado's concern should be ours as well"; Stacie Hiramoto, "The psychiatric survivors movement needs more diversity"; Julia Schulman, "Residents' f... more
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

2000 Mar. – 2000 Aug.
thumbnail image

St. Paul (Minn.) - Includes: "1997 conference: planning in full swing"; Jennifer Byron, "I am a survivor!"; David H. Jacobs, "Findings from interviews with people formerly treated with psychiatric medications"; Rae Unzicker, "Mental health advocacy, from then to now"; "Jury awards $1.3 million in Tardive Diskinesia case"; Gregg Ochoa, "DMH names director of consumer affairs"; Bill Johnson... more
(Tom Behrendt Collection)

1997 June – 1997 Aug.