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1923 June

Barnes, Lincoln Wade

Class of 1923 on steps of Stockbridge Hall

Massachusetts - Graduates of the Class of 1923, gathered on the steps of Stockbridge Hall, watch in amusement as a fellow graduate runs past. "Class of 1923" written on front. "M.S.C. Collection" and "From Lincoln W. Barnes, Amherst, Mass." stamped on back.

University Photograph Collection

1931 June

Oleson, Grunow Otto

Class Day in front of Goessmann Laboratory

Massachusetts - Graduates and spectators gather behind shrubbery as other graduates stand in front of Goessmann Laboratory during Class Day activities for Commencement 1931. The east side of Draper Hall can be seen in the background. Date of photo on back is written as 1933, which is crossed out and '1931' written in. "Photo by Oleson M.A.C." stamped on back.

University Photograph Collection

1954 June

Dennis Crowley, John Kay, Ruth (Faulk) White, Matthew Blaisdell and Taylor Mills at their 25th reunion

Massachusetts - Dennis M. Crowley, John R. Kay, Ruth A. Faulk, Matthew L. Blaisdell and Taylor M. Mills (left to right) greet each other during their 25th class reunion. "U of Mass - June 1954 - 25th Reunion - Class of 1929" handwritten on back.

University Photograph Collection

1938 June 12

Lawrence Levinson and Ruth E. Wood in costume

Massachusetts - Lawrence Levinson and Ruth Elizabeth Wood of the Class of 1938 pose in costume as Class night speakers during Commencement weekend. "Massachusetts State College - College News Service - Amherst, Massachusetts" stamped on back.

University Photograph Collection

1981 Oct. 17

Football team alumni pose outdoors during Taube Day

Massachusetts - Alumni who played on the M.S.C. football team during the 1930s pose outside one of the campus buildings. Handwritten note on back reads: "Taube Day, Oct. 17, 1981 - Univ. of Mass, Amherst", probably in reference to Mel Taube, who coached the school football, basketball and baseball teams between 1931 and 1936. Handwritten note on back identifies the men: Back row: David P. ... more

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Football players waiting on the sidelines

Massachusetts - Massachusetts State College football players wait on the sidelines while the marching band performs on the football field during a home game. "1941" written on back.

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George R. Cobb running with football

Massachusetts - Varsity football captain George Robert Cobb of the Class of 1908 dashes across the field with the football during a game played near the Old Chapel. He later went on to become Professor of Horticulture at the Rhode Island College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts. "Cobb '08 with ball" written on front of photograph mount.

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Kosarick, Everett A.

Class of 1908 alumni at a reunion banquet

Massachusetts - Members of the Class of 1908 share a meal at a reunion banquet, possibly in 1958.

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Class of 1871 members in reunion parade

Massachusetts - Members of the Class of 1871, carrying dated umbrellas, walk in a parade near the campus pond as bystanders watch from its banks. "MAC Amherst UMass, Reunion 1871 class" handwritten on back. The word 'Taunton' can be very faintly seen stamped on the back of the mount.

University Photograph Collection

1921 June 11

Alumni parade during Commencement weekend

Massachusetts - Alumni from previous classes walk past the campus pond during the traditional parade. "Alumni Parade June 11th 1921" and "[-Older class on parade -]" handwritten on back.

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