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Notman Photo Co. (Boston, Mass.)

Charles L. Flint

Formal head and shoulders portrait of Charles L. Flint (President, Mass. Agricultural College, 1879-1880) on cardboard stock. "J. Notman, Boston" printed on front. "Hon. Chas. L. Flint" handwritten on back. Coat of arms logo for Notman Photo Co., "Photographer to her Majesty", printed on back.

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Henry Koffler, Edward M. Kennedy and David C. Knapp

(l-r) Chancellor Henry Koffler, Sen. Edward (Ted) Kennedy, and President David C. Knapp at a D.C. reception.

University Photograph Collection

1969 May 31

John W. Lederle with honorary degree recipients

Honorary Degree Recipients at Graduation, May 31, 1969. Group portrait taken outside of all recipients dressed in academic regalia includes (seated in front row, l-r): National T.V. News Celebrity, Walter Cronkite; Massachusetts Governor Francis W. Sargent; Lederle; Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy; League of Women Voters president, Mrs. Bruce Benson; and sociolo... more

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Hugh P. Baker in his office desk and speaking with student

Hugh P. Baker (President, Mass. State College, 1933-1947) sitting at his desk in his South College office and examining a card in his hand while a female student looks on. Portraits of previous presidents can be seen on the wall in the background. "Massachusetts State College, College New Service, Amherst, Massachusetts" stamped on back.

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William M. Bulger chatting with a group

William M. Bulger (President, 1996-2003) chatting indoors with Bruce Wilcox of the University Press, an unidentified man and former Chancellor Richard D. O'Brien.

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Kosarick, Everett A.

John W. Lederle seated at a function with Frank Boyden, John Powers, John Donovan, and Fr. Powers.

Group picture of (l-r): Frank Boyden, Chairman of the UMass Board of Trustees; John Powers, president of the MA Senate; President Lederle; John Davoren, Speaker of the MA House of Representatives; and Fr. (John D.) Powers seated at a dinner table indoors.

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Sheldon Studio (Northampton, Mass.)

William P. Brooks

Formal head and shoulders portrait of William Penn Brooks (President, Mass. Agricultural College, 1905-1906). "Sheldon - opp. Memorial Hall, Northampton, Mass." printed on front. "William P. Brooks, Prof. of Agr. M.A.C. 1895" and "Class of 1875" handwritten on back.

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John W. Lederle standing indoors with three unidentified men of the Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee

Two males are seated in front. One man is seated in a wheelchair. Photo identifies one of the men's name as Quinn.

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