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1983 July 18

Brown, Paul B.

Pierson M. Grieve article

Article from Forbes Magazine on Pierson "Sandy" M. Grieve of Economics Laboratory.

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1986 Aug.

Campbell, Malcolm, 1941-

Golf Monthly August editorial

Editorial regarding the United States Open Championship, Arnold Palmer and Channel Four's coverage of the event.

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1986 Sept.

Campbell, Malcolm, 1941-

Golf Monthly September editorial

Editorial regarding golfers complaining about the conditions of the course at Turnberry and the "Americanization" of golf.

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1986 Apr.

Tennis Magazine

Russian tennis players article

Russia - Article in Tennis Magazine regarding ProServe representing Russian tennis players.

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Depletion allowance for professional athletes is pushed in Congress

Concerning Senator Long's proposal for a "deduction by professional athletes for physical depletion" as an amendment to the tax reduction and reform bill pending before the committee.

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1963 Dec. 6

Daily Press

Tinsley Cards Par 71, Gains Course Mark

Williamsburg (Va.) - Discussing Goerge Tinsley's golf game at the Williamsburg Inn's Golden Horseshoe Golf Course.

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1965 Dec. 7

Colts, Redskins sign tiger football stars newspaper article

Newspaper article on the Colts and Redskins signing Princeton Tiger Football stars Charlie Gogolak and Stas Maliszewski.

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1986 Mar. 25

New York Times Company

William Reed article

New York Times article on runner William Reed.

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1969 Oct. 13

Spalding set to zoom inot skiing

Announcing the new A. G. Spalding & Bros. ski marketing division.

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1980 Mar. 17

Pete Rose article

A page from Forbes Magazine including an article about Pete Rose's baseball shoes and glove promotion with Mizune Corporation in Japan.

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