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1967 Apr. 11

Crowley, Ed

Postcard from Ed Crowley to Mark H. McCormack

Los Angeles (Calif.) - Postcard thanking McCormack for his note and letting him know that he will help Jim Patrick in any way that he can.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1961 Nov. 4

McIntire, Barbara J., 1935-

Postcard from Barbara J. McIntire to Mark H. McCormack

Wichita (Kan.) - McIntire is informing McCormack that she has received his order and will send everything to the office. She also mentions that McCormack is getting famous and that she reads his name in the paper all the time.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1987 July 10

Ishibashi, Mrs.

Postcard from Mrs. Ishibashi to Sarah Wooldridge

Ishibashi thanks Wooldridge for the Wimbledon tickets.

Mark H. McCormack Papers