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Hugh P. Baker and William L. Machmer chatting indoors

President Hugh P. Baker and Dean William L. Machmer, in formal tuxedos, chat indoors amidst other party-goers. Photo donated by Joseph Bornstein (Class of 1944), who left the University briefly to fight in the war then returned to graduate in 1947.

University Photograph Collection

1933 June

Graduates receive their diplomas during commencement ceremonies

Massachusetts - President Hugh P. Baker, Massachusetts Governor Joseph B. Ely, Trustee and Treasurer Fred C. Kenney and Dean William Machmer, all with their backs to the camera, greet and hand out diplomas to graduating seniors. "Commencement - 1933 M.S.C. - Prexy, Gov. Ely, Mr. Kenney, Dean Machmer" handwritten on back. "Janice Munson" also written on back. She was a member of the Cla... more

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1949 June 7

Harvard Studio

Ralph Van Meter in commencement procession

Massachusetts - President Ralph Van Meter (center right, with folder) marches in the 1949 Commencement procession with Dean William Machmer at his side and recipients of Honorary Degrees, along with other faculty, following. Directly behind President Van Meter is General Robert M. Webster. The ceremony was held in front of Goodell Library. "Harvard Studio" stamped on back.

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Barnes, Lincoln Wade

Austin W. Fisher Jr. and Jabez F. Fisher at commencement

Massachusetts - Austin Wellington Fisher Jr. of the Class of 1937, second from left, receives his diploma from his grandfather, Jabez Franklin Fisher of the Class of 1871. President Hugh Potter Baker and Dean William Machmer stand to the elder Fisher's left while an identified man in academic robes stands besides the new graduate. "The Photo Shop, Lincoln W. Barnes, Amherst, Mass." and... more

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1943 May

William L. Machmer standing with two people while in academic robes

Dean William L. Machmer, in academic robes and holding a notebook, looks to the side along with an unidentified woman and a hidden man during commencement weekend.

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1933 Oct. 9

Inaugural procession for Hugh Potter Baker

Colonel Charles A. Romeyn and Dean William L. Machmer walk in front of military aides bearing the colors of the state of Massachusetts and of the United States during the inaugural procession for Hugh Potter Baker, eleventh president of Massachusetts State College. Dr. Baker and Massachusetts Governor Joseph B. Ely walk directly behind. Photograph donated by Everett Kosarick.

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1949 June

Tague, Bill, d. 1990

Honorary degree recipients at commencement

Massachusetts - Recipients of Honorary Degrees gather with others during 1949 Commencement services. Handwritten note on back reads: "L to R - [Dean] Machmer, Harlan Worthley ['18], Gregg, Lacy, Gen. Robert Webster, President Ralph Van Meter & two others". "University News Service" and "Photo by Tague" stamped on back.

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Herrick Studio (Northampton, Mass.)

Faculty and class of 1945 members pose at a banquet

Seniors and faculty gather at an indoor dining room for their Senior banquet. Standing, from left: Donald Ladd Smith (Class treasurer), Professor Marshall O. Lanphear (Registrar), Dean William L. Machmer, unidentified woman. Sitting, from left: Dorothy "D.J." Johnson (Class vice president), two unidentified women, Professor Frederick C. Ellert (German and Physical Educa... more

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