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McCormack, Mark H. (101)
Slazengers (Australia) Pty. Ltd. (84)
Player, Gary (15)
Nicklaus, Jack (11)
Jacklin, Tony (9)
Palmer, Arnold, 1929- (9)
Slazengers Limited (9)
Cole, Bobby, 1948- (5)
Floyd, Ray (4)
Townsend, Peter, 1946- (4)
Charles, Bob, 1936- (3)
Chilcote, Judy A. (3)
Clark, Clive (3)
Laver, Rodney George (3)
Oosterhuis, Peter, 1948- (3)
Australian Open (Golf tournament) (2)
Devlin, Bruce (2)
Dunlop Slazenger International (Firm) (2)
Dunlop Sports Company Limited (2)
Slazengers (Australia) Pty. Limited (2)
Trevino, Lee (2)
Aaron, Tommy, 1937- (1)
Borg, Björn, 1956- (1)
British Open (Golf tournament) (1)
Chilcote, Judy (1)
Graham, David, 1946-- (1)
International Management Group (Firm) (1)
Legrange, Cobie, 1942- (1)
Sifford, Charlie, 1922-2015 (1)
Slazengers (Australia) (1)
Weiskopf, Tom, 1942 (1)
Wimbledon Championships (Wimbledon, London, England) (1)


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McCormack notes that as Morris foresaw, he is going to have some difficulty with Jack Nicklaus and Australia this year.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1970 Mar. 9
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Requesting Morris' thought on Bobby Cole and Peter Townsend and the autumn schedules are being prepared.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1970 June 13
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McCormack has accepted Morris' most recent offer guaranteeing them an exclusive contract between Jack Nicklaus and Slazengers Australia throughout the Far Wast. Notes that he won't know anything about Tom Weiskoft for a at least a month, as he has just passed his Army physical. McCormack also explains that Arnold Palmer will require their previously agreed upon fee.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1968 May 18
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McCormack writes Noel Morris regarding Australian appearances of Tony Jacklin, Gary Player, and Tommy Aaron. He would like Morris' thoughts concerning Peter Oosterhuis and younger stars such as Steve Melnyk, Ron Cerrudo, Dale Hayes, and Bobby Cole. He indicates that Arnold Palmer's agreement will be expiring soon and he would like Morris' thoughts concerning Palmer's future with the Dunlop/Slazenger g... more
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1973 Apr. 30
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McCormack is happy to have Morris and his family stay with him in February. He asks Morris to reconsider the question of staggering the golf players' appearances in Australia.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1967 Nov. 27
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Judy Chilcote, secretary to Mark H. McCormack, sends Noel Morris the Dunlop-Mobil letters he has typed up and which Arnold Palmer has signed and requests he send them to Terry O'Brien. Enclosures not with letter.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

Chilcote, Judy A.
1968 Aug. 19
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Seeking confirmation on an agreement regarding the Gary Player instructional films in response to a letter from Arthur Huxley. McCormack asserts that Slazengers had agreed to half sponsorship in Australia and looks for confirmation on the matter. Additionally, McCormack reminds Morris that Bruce Devlin would like to be on the Australian circuit and desires Magic Feel dr... more
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

Morris, Noel
1968 June 17
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Concerning dates of golf tournaments such as the Canada Cup, the Sahara Invitational, the Australian Open Championship, and the Dunlop International. McCormack asks Morris to reconsider his request to have all three players visit him during 1968, as McCormack feels that its more advantageous to stagger their appearances. McCormack goes over the tournament appearance fee for the pla... more
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1967 Nov. 13
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McCormack notes that Gary Player has availability and would like to see the Melbourne Cup.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1971 Aug. 2
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Suggesting that an unidentified article in the Sydney Mirror does not merit worry.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1971 Jan. 28