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Members of Lambda Chi Alpha pose outdoors

Members of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity pose outside their house. The men are identified by first name written in ink on the photograph. Front row: Pep (Prescott Young '29); middle row: Chuck (Charles Leonard '28), Al (Albert LaPrise '28), Abe (Howard Abrahamson '28); back row: Al (Albion Ricker '28), Dick (Richard Kelton '28), Los (Lawrence Elliott '28), John (John ... more

University Photograph Collection

1926 Sept.

Lambda Chi Alpha members resting during hike

Fraternity members rest on a rocky outcropping. "Lambda Chi Alpha, Rushing season hike, Sept. 1926" written on front along with several names: "Roly, Abe, Don, Em, Bartsch, Pep, Los, Dean, Jack, Ray Dix-Ex '30". The members are Roland "Roly" Reed '28, Howard "Abe" Abrahamson '28, Donald "Don" Campbell '27, Emerson "Em" Greenaway '27, Nelson Bartsch '30, Prescott "Pep" Young ... more

University Photograph Collection