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Lovell, J. L. (John Lyman), 1825-1903

Augusto, Luiz and Luciano de Almeida

Luciano José de Almeida ('85), Augusto Luiz de Almeida ('87) and Luiz Augusto de Almeida pose on a cabinet card. Born in Portugal, all three were in the Brazilian Fraternity, with Luciano and Augusto attending Massachusetts Agricultural College while Luiz attended Harvard Medical School. Luciano and Augusto moved to Brazil to become coffee planters. "Lovell, Amherst, Mass." ... more

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Luiz Augusto de Almeida

Formal portrait of Luiz Augusto de Almeida, one hand resting on an ornate pitcher. His brothers Luciano ('85) and Augusto ('87) attended Massachusetts Agricultural College, but Luiz opted to attend Harvard Medical. "LA de Almeida" signed on front. "Luiz Augusto de Almeida to Mr. Joseph my true friend" signed on back. A different handwriting notes: "I think he was non-f... more

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