Baker, Hugh P. (Hugh Potter), 1878-1950 (70)
University of Massachusetts at Amherst (67)
Massachusetts State College (65)
Kinsman Studio, (Amherst, Mass.) (8)
Machmer, William L., 1883-1953 (8)
Massachusetts Agricultural College (7)
Ely, Joseph B. (Joseph Buell), 1881-1956 (6)
Thatcher, Roscoe Wilfred, 1873-1933 (6)
Butterfield, Kenyon L. (Kenyon Leech), 1868-1935 (5)
Baker, Richarde Sahla (4)
Lewis, Edward M., 1872-1936 (4)
Waugh, F. A. (Frank Albert), 1869-1943 (4)
Howard Photo (Northampton, Mass.) (3)
Barnes, Lincoln Wade (2)
Bradford, Robert Fiske, 1902-1983 (2)
Graves, F. P. (2)
Hawley, Robert Dorman (2)
Kenney, Fred C. (2)
Rice, Victor Arthur, 1890-1964 (2)
Ryan, Alvan S. (Alvan Sherman), 1912- (2)
Saltonstall, Leverett, 1892-1979 (2)
Sievers, Fred J. (2)
Smith, Payson (2)
United Studios (2)
Agresti, Olivia Rossetti (1)
Bartlett, Francis A. (1)
Briggs, Lawrence E. (1)
Briggs, Mildred (1)
Bursley, John (1)
Casey, William (1)
Clark, Thornton (1)
Cole, Randall Knight, 1912- (1)
Curtis, Helen Cole, 1909-2007 (1)
Dwight, Minnie Ryan (1)
Ellert, Frederick C. (1)
Fisher, Austin Wellington, 1916- (1)
Fisher, Jabez Franklin, 1850- (1)
Gillett, Edgar L. (1)
Goggin, John T. (1)
Haskell, Sidney B. (Sidney Burritt), 1881- (1)
Herrick Studio (Northampton, Mass.) (1)
Hicks, Curry S., 1885-1964 (1)
Hinds, W. E. (1)
Johnson, Dorothy E. (1)
Lanphear, Marshall O. (1)
Lawson, Florence C. (1)
Little, Stewart L. (1)
MacKimmie, Alexander Anderson, 1878-1950 (1)
Mahar, Ralph C. (1)
Munson, Willard A. (1)
Politella, Dario (1)
Richards, Roger G. (1)
Romeyn, Charles A. (1)
Romm, Avrom N. (1)
Rothery, Frederic A. (1)
Sanctuary, William C. (1)
Sears, Fred C. (1)
Skinner, Edna (1)
Smith, Bernard H. (1)
Smith, Donald L. (1)
Smith, Gordon Paul, 1916- (1)
Taylor, George (1)
University of Massachusetts Amherst (1)
Van Meter, Ralph Albert (1)
Verbeck, Roland H. (1)
Ware, Charlotte B. (1)
Whitmore, Philip F. (1)


Presidents (58)
Students (10)
Alumni and alumnae (9)
Commencement exercises (7)
Faculty (6)
Commencement ceremonies (4)
Buildings (3)
Board of Trustees (1)
Cornerstone laying (1)
Governors (1)


Photographs (70)
Gelatin silver prints (68)
Black-and-white photographs (1)
Gelatin silver print (1)


University Photograph Collection (70)


Massachusetts (12)
Amherst (11)
Amherst (Mass.) (1)



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President Hugh Potter Baker, Massachusetts Governor Joseph B. Ely and former President Kenyon L. Butterfield gather with members of the Board of Trustees, among others, during the laying of the cornerstones for Goodell Library and Thatcher Hall. Photograph donated by Everett Kosarick.
(University Photograph Collection)

1934 Nov. 3
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Four College Presidents are seen posed inside, seated around a desk in President Baker's office in South College. Edward M. Lewis was Acting President(1912)(09/01/1924-06/13/1926) and President(06/14/1926-04/29/1927). Roscoe W. Thatcher was President (06/09/1927-04/08/1932). Hugh P. Baker was President (05/20/1932 - 06/08/1946). Kenyon L. Butterfield served as President... more
(University Photograph Collection)

Howard Photo (Northampton, Mass.)
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President Hugh Potter Baker, right, hands a diploma to a graduating senior during commencement exercises for the Class of 1943.
(University Photograph Collection)

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Hugh P. Baker (President, Mass. State College, 1933-1947) at a desk in front of an office window with Dean William L. Machmer, Professor of Mathematics. President Baker holds a pair of glasses while watching Dean Machmer sign a paper. "Pres. Baker & Dean Machmer" handwritten on back.
(University Photograph Collection)

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Hugh P. Baker (President, Mass. State College, 1932-1946) at a dinner table with his Cabinet. Seated in front, left to right: Fred J. Sievers, Fred C. Sears, A. Anderson MacKimmie, Capt. Winn Ryan. Seated around the table, left to right: Roland H. Verbeck, Mildred Briggs, William C. Sanctuary, Curry S. Hicks, Victor A. Rice, William L. Machmer, President Baker, Burk... more
(University Photograph Collection)

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President Hugh Potter Baker leads robed faculty members out of the Physical Education building during commencement exercises for the Class of 1942.
(University Photograph Collection)

1942 June
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Portrait of Hugh P. Baker (President, Mass. State College, 1933-1947) sitting partially sideways with his elbow on a table and resting his face against one hand. "President Baker, June 1939, by Waugh" handwritten on back. "M.S.C. Collection" stamped on back.
(University Photograph Collection)

Waugh, F. A. (Frank Albert), 1869-1943
1939 June
thumbnail image

President Hugh P. Baker stands outside Stockbridge Hall with members of the Class of 1947 plus another man. From left: Dario Politella; President Baker shaking hands with Gordon Paul Smith; Frederic Albert Rothery; and Avrom "Al" Romm (Class of '48). Mr. Politella served the University as a professor of Journalism for a quarter of a century before retiring in 1990 then ... more
(University Photograph Collection)

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President Hugh P. Baker (left) stands with four unidentified men, all in academic gowns, in front of Memorial Hall in between commencement activities.
(University Photograph Collection)

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Seniors and faculty gather at an indoor dining room for their Senior banquet. Standing, from left: Donald Ladd Smith (Class treasurer), Professor Marshall O. Lanphear (Registrar), Dean William L. Machmer, unidentified woman. Sitting, from left: Dorothy "D.J." Johnson (Class vice president), two unidentified women, Professor Frederick C. Ellert (German and Physical Educa... more
(University Photograph Collection)

Herrick Studio (Northampton, Mass.)