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Hugh P. Baker and his wife Richarde

Hugh P. Baker (President, Mass. State College, 1932-1946) conversing with his wife, Richarde Sahla Baker, as both stand next to an upholstered chair. Mrs. Baker is in formal dress with a corsage and holding a bouquet of flowers.

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Hugh P. Baker dining with his wife and another couple

Hugh P. Baker (President, Mass. State College, 1933-1947) sitting at a small luncheon table with his wife, Richarde Sahla Baker, and an unidentified couple. Another couple and an upright piano are in the background. The men are holding post-dining cigars. "Pres. Baker & wife, served 31-47" handwritten on back.

University Photograph Collection

1937 Feb. 23

Barnes, Lincoln Wade

Hugh P. Baker with Olivia Rosetti Agresti, Richarde Sahla Baker, Charlotte B. Ware and M. Rinesky-Korsakoff

Hugh P. Baker (President, Mass. State College, 1933-1947) standing outside the President's House. To his right stands Olivia Rosetti Agresti and to his left, his wife Richarde Sahla Baker. Seated are Charlotte [Bassett] Ware and [M. Rinesky-Korsakoff]. The photograph mount is individually signed by each along with "February 23, 1937". "Lincoln W. Barnes" is hand-signed... more

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Herrick Studio (Northampton, Mass.)

Faculty and class of 1945 members pose at a banquet

Seniors and faculty gather at an indoor dining room for their Senior banquet. Standing, from left: Donald Ladd Smith (Class treasurer), Professor Marshall O. Lanphear (Registrar), Dean William L. Machmer, unidentified woman. Sitting, from left: Dorothy "D.J." Johnson (Class vice president), two unidentified women, Professor Frederick C. Ellert (German and Physical Educa... more

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