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Members of the Class of 1871 standing in front of Old Chapel

Eighteen members of the Class of 1871 standing outside of the Old Chapel in 1911. Photo is marked with numbers that correspond with names which have also been marked on photo. 1. Fisher, Jabez Franklin. 2. Birnie, William Perkins. 3. Allen, Gideon Hammond [Class President]. 4. Russell, William D.. 5. Ellsworth, Emory Alexander. 6. Nichols, Lewis Abel [Class Treasurer]. 7. Wheeler, Will... more

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Lovell, J. L. (John Lyman), 1825-1903

William H. Bowker

Formal portrait of William Henry Bowker, Class of 1871. After graduation he worked briefly as a journalist and a teacher before joining the fertilizer business, eventually becoming president of Bowker Fertilizer Company, Boston. He passed away on January 4, 1916. "W. H. Bowker,'71" signed on back. "M.A.C. Collection, Library of the Massachusetts Agricultural College, Am... more

University Photograph Collection