Hawley, Robert Dorman (11)
University of Massachusetts at Amherst (8)
Massachusetts State College (6)
Kenney, Fred C. (4)
MacKimmie, Alexander Anderson, 1878-1950 (3)
Machmer, William L., 1883-1953 (3)
Munson, Willard A. (3)
Sievers, Fred J. (3)
University of Massachusetts (System) . Board of Trustees (3)
Whitmore, Philip F. (3)
Baker, Hugh P. (Hugh Potter), 1878-1950 (2)
Barnes, Lincoln Wade (2)
Brooks, William P. (William Penn), 1851- (2)
Brown, Harry Dunlap, d. 1969 (2)
Burke, James W. (2)
Butterfield, Kenyon L. (Kenyon Leech), 1868-1935 (2)
Fernald, H. T. (Henry Torsey), 1866-1952 (2)
Gordon, Clarence Everett, 1876- (2)
Haigis, John W., 1881-1960 (2)
Leach, Lottie A. (2)
Massachusetts Agricultural College (2)
McNamara, Elizabeth L. (2)
Rice, Victor Arthur, 1890-1964 (2)
Saltonstall, Richard, 1897-1979 (2)
Taber, Ralph F. (2)
Thatcher, Roscoe Wilfred, 1873-1933 (2)
Baker, Hugh P.(Hugh Potter), 1879-1972 (1)
Bartlett, Joseph W (1)
Bartlett, Joseph W. (1)
Boyden, Frank L. (Frank Learoyd), 1879-1972 (1)
Boyden, Frank L.(Frank Learoyd), 1879-1972 (1)
Bradford, Robert Fiske, 1902-1983 (1)
Brett, Alden Chase, 1889-1970 (1)
Briggs, Lawrence E. (1)
Briggs, Mildred (1)
Carmichael, Leonard, 1898-1973 (1)
Chadbourne, Paul A. (Paul Ansel), 1823-1883 (1)
Deely, John M., 1894-1973 (1)
Frost, Harold L. (1)
Gilbert, Arthur W. (Arthur Witter), 1882-1936 (1)
Griggs, Fred D., 1890-1942 (1)
Haskell, Sidney B.(Sidney Burritt), 1881- (1)
Hicks, Curry S., 1885-1964 (1)
Hoftyzer, Ernest, 1892-1975 (1)
Hubbard, Clifford C. (1)
Johnson, Kenneth W. (1)
Kinsman Studio, (Amherst, Mass.) (1)
Lindsey, Adrian H. (1)
Lindsey, Joseph B. (Joseph Bridgeo), 1862- (1)
Malcolm, David J. (1)
Sanctuary, William C. (1)
Sears, Fred C. (1)
Skinner, Edna (1)
Tobin, Maurice J. (1)
Van Meter, Ralph Albert (1)
Verbeck, Roland H. (1)
Warren, Julius Edgar, d. 1914 (1)
Waugh, F. A. (Frank Albert), 1869-1943 (1)
Waugh, F. A. (Frank Albert), 1969-1943 (1)
Webster, Louis A. (1)
Willard, John D. (John Dayton) (1)


Faculty (5)
Presidents (4)
Alumnni and alumnae (2)
Board of Trustees (1)


Gelatin silver prints (11)
Photographs (11)


University Photograph Collection (11)



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Hugh P. Baker (President, Mass. State College, 1932-1946) at a dinner table with his Cabinet. Seated in front, left to right: Fred J. Sievers, Fred C. Sears, A. Anderson MacKimmie, Capt. Winn Ryan. Seated around the table, left to right: Roland H. Verbeck, Mildred Briggs, William C. Sanctuary, Curry S. Hicks, Victor A. Rice, William L. Machmer, President Baker, Burk... more
(University Photograph Collection)

thumbnail image

Trustees walking at the inauguration of Hugh P. Baker (President, Mass. State College, 1933-1947). "Inauguration of H.P. Baker, October 6, 1933" and "Trustees" written on top. "F. C. Kenney, R. D. Hawley, P.F. Whitmore, L. E. Briggs" written on bottom of photograph front. "Kinsman" written in lower right corner. "M.S.C. Collection" stamped on back.
(University Photograph Collection)

Kinsman Studio, (Amherst, Mass.)
1933 Oct. 6
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Departing UMass Treasurer Robert D. Hawley (left) shakes hands with his successor, Kenneth W. Johnson of Winchester, New Hampshire. Mr. Hawley retired on December 31, 1951 after 12 years as Treasurer. "Mr. Kenneth Johnson" handwritten on back.
(University Photograph Collection)

1951 Dec. 30
thumbnail image

The Board of Trustees of Massachusetts State College visit the Massachusetts State House in 1945. According to the yearbook for 1945, where this picture appears, the following people are in this picture: Hugh P. Baker, President of Massachusetts State College from 1933-1947; Trustee Lottie A. Leach of Walpole; Trustee Alden C. Brett of Belmont; Trustee Philip F. Whitmor... more
(University Photograph Collection)

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Roscoe W. Thatcher (President, Mass. Agricultural College, 1927-1932) at a dinner table with some of his Cabinet. Left to right: A. Anderson Mackimmie, Clarence E. Gordon, Fred C. Kenney, Charles H. Fernald, Adrian H. Lindsey, Frank A. Waugh, William. L. Machmer, Kenyon L. Butterfield, President Thatcher, William P. Brooks, Willard A. Munson, Fred J. Sievers, Sidney B. ... more
(University Photograph Collection)

Barnes, Lincoln Wade
1930 Sept. 1
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Robert Dorman Hawley, Massachusetts State College Secretary, a position he began in 1926, is seen in an oval portrait on a white background.
(University Photograph Collection)

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Some members of the Board of Trustees at Massachusetts State College are walking two by two in their academic regalia across the campus. Written in ink on the back of the photo: L. to R. Fred Kenney, Teas. [Treas.](retired 1939); R. D. Hawley, Sec.; Lottie A. Leach, Trustee; Arthur Gilbert, Com. of Agri. [Commissioner of Agriculture], Trustee, 1919-34), Sec. Farm Bureau... more
(University Photograph Collection)

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Portrait of a Cabinet Reunion which took place on Sept. 1, 1930. Seated in a room around a white tablecloth-covered table are the following people: MacKimmie, Gordon, Kenney, Fernald, Lindsey, Waugh, Machmer, Butterfield, Thatcher, Brooks, Munson, Sievers, Haskell, Willard, Rice, and Hawley. Kenyon L. Butterfield served as President of Massachusetts Agricultural College... more
(University Photograph Collection)

Barnes, Lincoln Wade
1930 Sept. 1
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Portrait of Robert D. Hawley, taken in June 1933, during the time he was Chairman of the Administrative Committee at Massachusetts State College.
(University Photograph Collection)

1933 June
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Board of Trustees at semi-annual meeting during commencement weekend, 1947, inside. Both women trustees are wearing hats. A copy of this photo appeared in the 1947 UMass Amherst "Index" yearbook, although an insert of the plastic sleeve protecting the photo states that it appeared in the 1949 Index. Trustees present include President Robert F. Bradford; Chairman Joseph W. Bartl... more
(University Photograph Collection)