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1937 May 1

Hugh P. Baker during dedication of the Hinds chapel bell chimes

Hugh P. Baker (President, Mass. State College, 1933-1947) standing in front of the Old Chapel building during the dedication of bell chimes and the large Hinds "Old Aggie" bell, named for the late Warren Elmer Hinds who was awarded the first Ph.D. degree by Massachusetts Agricultural College in 1902. Standing with President Baker is Mrs. W. E. Hinds and Bernard Smith,... more

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1899 Jan.

Students from the class of 1899 in a classroom

Back of photo identifies Hubbard, Smith, Pingree, Hinds, and Walker.

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Warren Elmer Hinds

Photo of Hinds, granted the first PHD from M.A.C. in 1902, taken as an older man.

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