Kuhn, Peter A. (82)
McCormack, Mark H. (44)
Roggenburk, Laurie (14)
Stott, Judy (13)
Chilcote, Judy A. (5)
Bay Hill Club (Orlando, Fla.) (4)
Lafave, Arthur J. (3)
Carpenter, William H. (2)
Corner, Alex (2)
Frank, Barry (2)
Green, Ernie (2)
Scott, Richard (2)
Alford, Richard R. (1)
Brilliant, David (1)
DeSousa, Linda (1)
Hertz Corporation (1)
Janeway, J. Edward (1)
Johnston, Alastair J. (1)
Kapalua Betsy Nagelsen Tennis Invitational (1)
Kernc, Barbara (1)
Kramer, Hans (1)
Macklin, John L. (1)
Moore, Richard E. (1)
Rees, David A. (1)
Roggenburk, Brian (1)
Shackleton, Rita M. (1)
Stanner, H. Kent (1)
Superstars (Television program) (1)


Business enterprises (16)
Finance (16)
Office management (14)
Confidential communications (12)
Expense accounts (11)
Bookkeeping (9)
Invoices (9)
Corporation reports (7)
Accounting (4)
Cost (4)
Sales (4)
Business communication (3)
Corporate meetings (3)
Travel costs (3)
Employee fringe benefits (2)
Income forecasting (2)
Investments (2)
Personnel management (2)
Postemployment benefits (2)
Rental automobiles (2)
Tax shelters (2)
Art (1)
Business presentations (1)
Client relations (1)
Contracts (1)
Corporate sponsorship (1)
Filing systems (1)
Incentive awards (1)
Limousine services (1)
Merchandising (1)
Publishers and publishing (1)
Sick leave (1)
Supervision of employees (1)


Correspondence (81)
Memorandums (80)
Invoices (5)
Financial records (1)
Receipts (financial records) (1)


Mark H. McCormack Papers (82)


London (England) (1)



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McCormack requests that Kuhn continue with monthly projections for the Team Sports division despite a recent memorandum sent out concerning income projections.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1974 Mar. 11
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Concerning the "criss-crossing" of Hughes Norton's expenses. Enclosure not with memorandum.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1983 June 21
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Forwarding a memo from Ian Todd about the Contra Airline matter.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1983 Apr. 13
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Memorandum regarding Kuhn's inability to follow instructions to create Team Sports Division projections in the way that McCormack requests.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1974 May 9
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London (England) - McCormack asks about the total figures for Abramowicz for the 1974 projections and would like to speak about the information he needs from the Team Sport Division.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1974 Aug. 5
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Requesting a memo on Knox and Brooks Robinson's cruise availability.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1975 July 18
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McCormack writes regarding John Small and his concerns about taxes and the way his money has been handled.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1977 Apr. 11
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McCormack writes regarding Ben Bidwell, Stan Mikita and a Ford dealership.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1976 Nov. 29
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Concerning Debra Sutton's request for an extension of her sick leave. Chilcote comments on their current obligations to Sutton regarding the payment of her hospitalization and guarantee of a job upon her return. She suggests denying a request to extend the sick leave due to previous under-performance, lack of open positions, and the extent of their legal obligations. In addition, Chilcote asks for Jay... more
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

Chilcote, Judy A.
1979 Oct. 25
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Concerning November executive expense summaries.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1983 Feb. 10