Ketcham, Hank, 1920-2001 (65)
McCormack, Mark H. (60)
Lafave, Arthur J. (6)
Chilcote, Judy A. (3)
Keating, Edward J. (3)
Palmer, Arnold, 1929- (3)
Bing Crosby National Pro-Am (Golf tournament) (2)
Devlin, Bruce (2)
International Management Group (Firm) (2)
Praepost, Rolande (2)
Badalamenti, Mary Ann (1)
Becker, R. A. (1)
Benaud, Richie (1)
Charles, Bob, 1936- (1)
Cowgill, Bryan, 1927-2008 (1)
Durein, Ted (1)
General Motors Corporation (1)
General Motors Corporation . Chevrolet Motor Division (1)
Heckel, Frederick W. (1)
Hilton Hotels Corporation (1)
Kapalua Betsy Nagelsen Tennis Invitational (1)
Ketcham, Rolande (1)
Lewis, Vicki (1)
Luxford, Maurie (1)
McGrath, John W. (1)
McNaught, Waldo E. (1)
MediaNews Group (1)
Montres Rolex S.A. (1)
Mulberry, Al F. (1)
Nagelsen McCormack, Betsy, 1956- (1)
Pilley, Phil (1)
R. A. Becker & Company (1)
Rowlands, Stuart (1)
Sugarman, Burt (1)
Thames Television, ltd. (1)
Trans World International (1)
United Airlines (1)


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Mark H. McCormack Papers (65)


Cleveland (Ohio) (6)
Pebble Beach (Calif.) (1)
South Africa (1)



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McCormack writes Hank Ketcham and indicates that he is pleased that everything is working out well with Lynn Buckham. He asks Ketcham to send him his travel schedule soon since there is a possibility that McCormack will be in Geneva within the next thiry or sixty days.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1971 Dec. 6
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McCormack reminds Ketcham that he is in Portugal with his family and that he will be commuting between Europe and the United States. With reference to Ketcham's letters, McCormack is confident that they will make significant progress in the discuss areas.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1970 Aug. 24
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Replying to an October letter from Becker regarding Hank Ketcham and Arnold Palmer. McCormack requests Jay Michaels work with Becker regarding Dennis the Mennace background information and compensation. Regarding an unspecified Palmer matter, McCormack specifies Frank Abramoff and Jules Rosenthal will make the decision.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

Becker, R. A.
1968 Nov. 7
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Concerning Hank Ketcham and Dennis the Menace. McCormack informs Keating that Ketcham would like to explore a Dennis the Menace songbook, a series of prayers to be said as grace, and a Dennis the Meance doll.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1969 Jan. 13
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Concerning Hank Ketcham Fees.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1969 Jan. 13
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McCormack notes that Hank Ketcham would like to order a set of clubs from the Arnold Palmer Golf Company with aluminum shafts, or if those are unavailable, steel.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1969 Jan. 13
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Cleveland (Ohio) - McCormack thanks Ketcham, creator of Dennis the Menace cartoons, for an enjoyable time in England with regrets that he missed the golf game because of illness. McCormack mentions an upcoming trip to Geneva and reminds Ketcham about Dave Wright and working out something with European distribution.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1967 Oct. 31
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Writing Ketcham regarding an unidentified Chevrolet deal and requests ideas for a more robust meeting to be held in the future. Additionally, McCormack informs Ketcham of his performance in the recent Australian Open including his shot totals for each round.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1968 Nov. 1
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McCormack sends a letter that Harry McIntyre wrote to Gene Hays Jr. Enclosure not with letter.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1968 July 15
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McCormack is thanking Ketcham for his hospitality in Geneva last week and informs him that he will be in touch with him further concerning their "forthcoming voyage" together so that details can be worked out. He provides Ketcham with their Telex number in Cleveland.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1968 Aug. 4