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1945 Oct. 13

Conference of Members Trustee Committee on Buildings and Grounds

(Typed on the back of the photograph) Conference of Members Trustee Committee on Buildings and Grounds, Massachusetts State College, with prominent Landscape Alumni and members of the College staff. Front row, left to right: Francis J. Cormier, Arsenal Building, Central Park, New York; Prof. Charles P. Halligan, Michigan State College, East Lansing, Michigan; Lottie A. ... more

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1923 June

Barnes, Lincoln Wade

Graduate School members pose outdoors

Massachusetts - Members of the Graduate School of 1923 stand with Professor Charles E. Marshall, Director of the Graduate School, after commencement ceremonies. From left: Paul Serex Jr., Mehmed Ali, Hubert W. Yount, C. Hiram Lowe, Renzy E. Flikkema, Marshall, Harlan N. Worthley, Esther Watson Tipple, Arthur P. French, Harrison M. Tietz, David Potter, Victor A. Rice. "Graduate School 1... more

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Victor A. Rice

Professor Victor Rice was affiliated with Stockbridge from 1919 to 1955, including a stint as Dean of Agriculture and head of animal husbandry.

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Edward M. Lewis, William L. Machmer, Victor A. Rice, Emerson Greenaway, F. Warren, Don Williams, Preston Davenport, and Harold M. Gore

Group photo taken outside in front of a brick building with ivy on the walls and a glass paned door. Seated in front row (l-r): Coach [Kid] Gore; President Edward M. Lewis; Dean William L. Machmer; Prof. Victor A. Rice. Standing in back row are athletic managers (l-r): Emerson Greenaway, Track; F. Warren, Football; Don Williams, Baseball; Preston Davenport, and Basketball. [J... more

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1930 Sept. 1

Barnes, Lincoln Wade

Roscoe W. Thatcher at dinner with some of his Cabinet

Roscoe W. Thatcher (President, Mass. Agricultural College, 1927-1932) at a dinner table with some of his Cabinet. Left to right: A. Anderson Mackimmie, Clarence E. Gordon, Fred C. Kenney, Charles H. Fernald, Adrian H. Lindsey, Frank A. Waugh, William. L. Machmer, Kenyon L. Butterfield, President Thatcher, William P. Brooks, Willard A. Munson, Fred J. Sievers, Sidney B. ... more

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1935 May 25

Hugh P. Baker with V.A. Rice, John T. Goggin, Stewart L. Little, John Bursley, Edgar L. Gillett, George Taylor, William Casey

Hugh P. Baker (President, Mass. State College, 1933-1947) standing outside in front of the Department of Agriculture Administration building with a group of men. "Left to right: V. A. Rice, Amherst; John T. Goggin, Seekonk; Stewart L. Little, Newbury; John Bursley, West Barnstable; Edgar L. Gillett, Commissioner of Agriculture, Boston; George Taylor, Shelburne, Class... more

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Hugh P. Baker at dinner with his cabinet

Hugh P. Baker (President, Mass. State College, 1932-1946) at a dinner table with his Cabinet. Seated in front, left to right: Fred J. Sievers, Fred C. Sears, A. Anderson MacKimmie, Capt. Winn Ryan. Seated around the table, left to right: Roland H. Verbeck, Mildred Briggs, William C. Sanctuary, Curry S. Hicks, Victor A. Rice, William L. Machmer, President Baker, Burk... more

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