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1968 Oct.

Warren Pierce McGuirk's Testimonial Dinner

Picture of Warren Pierce McGuirk Testimonial Dinner. Warren P McGuirk was Professor of Physical Education 1950; Head of Division 1950. Typed on back: Affair: Warren P. McGuirk Testimonial Dinner. Standing: Joseph R. Rogers, Jr.; Sally Ann Ogilvie; Dean David Bischoff; Mrs. (Patsy) David Bischoff. Seated: Mrs. (Virginia) Joseph R. Rogers; Esther M. Wallace; Stephen Kosakowski; M... more

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1966 Testimonial Dinner for Earl Lorden

Picture of Earl Eastman Lorden, Professor of Physical Education 1948. Handwritten/typed on back: Affair: Testimonial Dinner - 1996 - Earl Lorden, Asst. Athletic Director. Clockwise: Joseph R. Rogers, Jr.; Mrs. (Virginia) Joseph Rogers; Mrs. (Mary) Stephen Kosakowski (hidden); Ruth J. Totman; Sally Ann Ogilvie; Stephen Kosakowski; Georgia Reid; Prim Upton.

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Joseph R. Rogers coaching Edward D. Hall

Note on back reads: L-R, Coach Joe Rogers, Edw. D. "Bud" Hall, orig d. '44-48, Pre WWII

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