Roggenburk, Brian (93)
McCormack, Mark H. (67)
Chilcote, Judy A. (13)
Stott, Judy (6)
Kapalua Betsy Nagelsen Tennis Invitational (5)
Kernc, Barbara (5)
Halstead, Michael (4)
Rees, David A. (4)
Wimbledon Championships (4)
Happ, Bob (3)
Pilley, Phil (3)
Lafave, Arthur J. (2)
Montres Rolex S.A. (2)
Nine Network (2)
Norman, Jim (2)
Oney, John (2)
Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews (2)
Schoenberg, Saul (2)
Schwartz, Maura (2)
World Match Play Championship (Golf tournament) (2)
Alcox, Pat (1)
Borg, Björn, 1956- (1)
British Open (Golf tournament) (1)
Carpenter, William H. (1)
Chilcote, Judith A. (1)
Frank, Barry (1)
Goff, Betsy (1)
Halstead, Michael W. (1)
Hatala, Chris (1)
International Merchandising Corporation (1)
Joseph, Mike (1)
Kain, Robert D. (1)
Katz, Howard (1)
Kuhn, Peter A. (1)
Lopez, Nancy, 1957- (1)
Merchandising Consultants International (1)
Michaels, Jay (1)
Morris, John (1)
Queally, Doyle (1)
Roggenburk, Laurie (1)
Rosenthal, Jules (1)
Schwartz, Maura A. (1)
Stanner, H. Kent (1)
Thomason, Scott (1)
U.S. Open (Golf tournament) (1)
United States Tennis Association (1)
Webber, John (1)
Wilson, George, 1938-1997 (1)
Wooldridge, Sarah (1)
Yates, David (1)


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Commenting on the most recent income projections. Comments include broadcasting income to International Financial Management(IFM) and International Merchandising Corporation(IMC), Japanese model agency income forecasts and Laraine Ashton, an updated Royal and Ancient(R&A) projection considering amounts owed by Dentsu, and the Lancome commission.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1979 Oct. 5
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Concerning USTA television projections for 1986 and 1987.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1986 Apr. 14
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McCormack asks Roggenburk to write a letter introducing himself to Dan Ritchie of Group W.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1983 Feb. 3
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Kernc writes that a large policy of McCormack's almost lapsed because her instructions regarding checks were not followed.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

Kernc, Barbara
1980 July 10
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Concerning petty cash and postage fees. Chilcote describes a situation where Chris is running out of petty cash and suggests giving Scott a small amount to be used only for postage.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

Chilcote, Judy A.
1979 June 20
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Series of draft letters for McCormack to send to Thomas. Letter to Thomas discusses the San Francisco Marathon and Thomas' concerns.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1985 Mar. 18
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Discussing the technical cost aspects of golf projections.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1984 Mar. 7
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Roggenburk sends a statement for puppet show tickets.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

Roggenburk, Brian
1986 Feb. 17
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McCormack states that Channel Nine has agreed to a percentage of the contract price for the 1983 World Match Play.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1984 Feb. 28
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Roggenburk sends an invoice for work done at the Maui condominium.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

Roggenburk, Brian
1986 Feb. 17