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George Thompson, Ralph Stevens and George Cotton

George H. Thompson ('22), Ralph S. Stevens ('21) and George A. Cotton ('22) pose outside while wearing either military or football garb. Typewritten note accompanying photograph reads: "Left to right: Thompson - Stevens - Cotton. The day of the Freshmen - Sophomore Fight in 1919. We, the Freshmen, whipped the Sophs to a pulp. We even overpowered Starr King but it took 6... more

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Members of the Student Army Training Corps in junkyard

Members of the campus Student Army Training Corps, in heavy cold weather overcoats, stand next to a wooden barrel among bare trees. Typewritten note attached to photograph reads: "S.A.T.C. 1918. Left to right: Unknown - Nelson Jost - Justin McCarthey [sic] - Stevens. We took a walk one Sunday and happened to walk through a junk yard. McCarthey [sic] is supposed to be "S... more

University Photograph Collection