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1949 Sept. 24

Class of 1953 freshmen during playday

Four women freshmen from the Class of 1953 gather outside Thatcher House wearing beanies plus mock bibs with their names written on the bibs. Written on front: "Playday - [l-r] Kay, Lou, Ruthie, Phyl". Handwritten on back: "1949 - Kay Heintz, Louise Belval, Ruth Sharkey, Phyllis Sencabaugh".

University Photograph Collection

1949 Sept.

Class of 1953 freshmen gathered outside Thatcher House

Women freshmen from the Class of 1953 gather outside. Written on front: "First football game. [l-r] Ruthie, Lou, Phyl, Ruthie". Written on back: "Ruth Sharkey, Louise Belval, Phyllis Sencabaugh, Ruth Sullivan"."

University Photograph Collection