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Members of ROTC military during drills

Members of the ROTC military stand at attention during a drill. Handwritten note on front reads: "Rear: Cpl. [David Michael] Freedman, [Fred Joseph] Nahil, - ?. Front: [Richard Wingate] Bauer, [John Rosier] Sherman, [Gordon Paul] Smith, [Joseph A.] Masi, ?, '44s". Photo provided by Joseph Bornstein (Class of 1944), who left the University briefly to fight in the war t... more

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Hugh P. Baker with students outside Stockbridge Hall

President Hugh P. Baker stands outside Stockbridge Hall with members of the Class of 1947 plus another man. From left: Dario Politella; President Baker shaking hands with Gordon Paul Smith; Frederic Albert Rothery; and Avrom "Al" Romm (Class of '48). Mr. Politella served the University as a professor of Journalism for a quarter of a century before retiring in 1990 then ... more

University Photograph Collection