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Robert Corrigan sitting indoors

Robert is sitting in what could be an office. It looks like a book shelf behind him but is blurry. He is smiling the looking off to his left. He is wearing a pin striped sports coat, light shirt and neck tie with circle designs on it. He has a beard and mustache. He served as chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Boston and Professor of English, from 1979-88.

University Photograph Collection

1975 Dec. 1

Robert Corrigan sitting at a desk, smiling

Robert is sitting at a desk/table. He is smiling and holding a pencil in his right hand, which he is leaning his chin on. He has a dark beard and mustache. He is wearing a dark dress coat with a wide paisley design tie. There is also a coffee cup on his front left side. The back of the photo says "Robert Corrigan Boston Chancellor" He served as chancellor of the University ... more

University Photograph Collection


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

James E. Blackwell

Formal head and shoulders portrait of Professor James E. Blackwell, Chairman of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at UMass Boston. "Prof. James E. Blackwell" handwritten on back with "University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee PHOTOGRAPHIC" stamped beneath.

University Photograph Collection


John William Ryan

Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Boston, 1965-1968.

University Photograph Collection