Wheeler, William, 1851-1932 (12)
Massachusetts Agricultural College (8)
University of Massachusetts at Amherst (8)
Allen, Gideon Hammond (6)
Fisher, Jabez Franklin, 1850- (6)
Lyman, Robert Worthington (6)
Thompson, Edgar Eliab (6)
Birnie, William Perkins, 1849- (5)
Leonard, George (5)
Russell, William D. (5)
Massachusetts Agricultural College . Board of Trustees (4)
University of Massachusetts (System) . Board of Trustees (4)
Smead, Edwin (3)
Smead, Edwin Billings (3)
Thrasher (Amherst, Mass.) (3)
Caswell, Lilley Brewer, 1848- (2)
Cowles, Homer Lucien (2)
Crocker, Leroy (2)
Crocker, Loring, Jr. (2)
King, Albert (2)
Tucker, George Homer (2)
Tucker, Wilson Morehouse (2)
Woolson, George Clark (2)
Bowker, William H. (William Henry), 1850-1916 (1)
Ellsworth, Emory Alexander (1)
Lovell, J. L. (John Lyman), 1825-1903 (1)
McCormick, John. L. (Boston, Mass.) (1)
Nichols, Lewis Abel (1)
Norcross, Arthur Dickinson (1)
Plumb, Charles S. (Charles Sumner), 1860-1939 (1)
Richmond, Samuel H. (1)
Sparrow, Lewis Addison (1)
Thatcher, Roscoe Wilfred, 1873-1933 (1)
Ware, Willard C. (1)
Ware, Willard Carroll (1)


Alumni and alumnae (8)
Students (8)
Class reunions (2)
Presidents (1)


Photographs (12)
Gelatin silver prints (8)
Albumen prints (2)
Articles (2)
Clippings (information artifacts) (2)
Cabinet photographs (1)
Cartes-de-visite (card photographs) (1)


University Photograph Collection (12)


Amherst (2)
Massachusetts (2)



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Eighteen members of the Class of 1871 standing outside of the Old Chapel in 1911. Photo is marked with numbers that correspond with names which have also been marked on photo. 1. Fisher, Jabez Franklin. 2. Birnie, William Perkins. 3. Allen, Gideon Hammond [Class President]. 4. Russell, William D.. 5. Ellsworth, Emory Alexander. 6. Nichols, Lewis Abel [Class Treasurer]. 7. Wheeler, Will... more
(University Photograph Collection)

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Formal, profile portrait. Actual image is 6 x 4 in.
(University Photograph Collection)

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Eleven of the twelve living members of the class are in the photo. They are all dressed in suits, and have a badge or ribbon on their jackets. Most of them are holding hats. The men are identified below the photo. "Front row- left to right- Robert W. Lyman of Northampton, W.D. Russell, New York City, William P. Birnie of Springfield, Gideon H. Allen of New Bedford. Rea... more
(University Photograph Collection)

Thrasher (Amherst, Mass.)
1921 June 11
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Honorary Degree recipients William Wheeler (Class of 1871) and Charles S. Plumb (Class of 1882) stand on either side of President Roscoe Thatcher. "Commencement 1929 - Presentation of Honorary Degrees - Left to right: William Wheeler of Concord '71, Dr. Roscoe Thatcher, Charles S. Plumb '82" handwritten on back.
(University Photograph Collection)

1929 June
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Members of the Class of 1871 gather in front of a campus building during a later reunion, possibly their 55th. Each wears a ribbon printed with "Pioneer 1871 M.A.C.". Handwriting on front identifies the men as Gideon Allen, Robert Lyman and Edgar Thompson in front; Albert King, William Wheeler, George Tucker, Edwin Smead and Jabez Fisher in back. "Class of 1871" written... more
(University Photograph Collection)

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Formal portrait of William Wheeler, Class of 1871. After graduation he worked as an engineer for various railroad companies before becoming Professor of Mathematics and Civil Engineering at the Imperial College of Agriculture in Sapporo, Japan (now Hokkaido University) where he also became Acting President then President. He later established the Wheeler Reflector Compa... more
(University Photograph Collection)

Lovell, J. L. (John Lyman), 1825-1903
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Members of the first class of the Massachusetts Agricultural College gather on the steps of a house 46 years later. Handwritten note on back identifies the men. From left, front row: Jabez Fisher, Willard Ware, Robert Lyman, Gideon Allen, Edwin Smead. From left, middle row: Lilley Caswell, George Woolson, Homer Cowles, William Russell, Edgar Thompson, George Leonard... more
(University Photograph Collection)

1917 Oct.
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Cropped photo. Standing in front of windows, behind other men in what looks like a group photograph.
(University Photograph Collection)

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Photograph of a formal painted portrait by John Lavalle.
(University Photograph Collection)

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Members of the Class of 1871 gather in front of a campus building during their 50th reunion. Each wears a ribbon printed with "Pioneer Class M.A.C. 1871, Fiftieth Anniversary 1921". The photograph appeared in a local newspaper which identified the men as follows: "Left to right, Front Row--Robert W. Lyman of Northampton, W.D. Russell of New York, William P. Birnie of Sp... more
(University Photograph Collection)

Thrasher (Amherst, Mass.)
1921 June 13