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Barnes, Lincoln Wade

Construction of Physical Education Building, Massachusetts Agricultural College 5

Amherst (Mass.) - Cranes hovering behind construction of Curry Hicks Physical Education Building.

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Hatch Experiment Station, M.C.A., Amherst, Mass.

Amherst (Mass.) - Side view looking north of East Experiment Station and attached greenhouses.

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M.A.C. Avenue, Chapel and Drill Hall in back-ground

Amherst (Mass.) - View up The Avenue, Massachusetts Agricultural College campus.

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The Drill Hall, M.A.C., Amherst, Mass.

Amherst (Mass.) - View looking west of old Drill Hall, with fire hydrant in foreground.

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Jewell B. Knight (class of 1892) and Ephraim P. Felt (class of 1891) at the Insectary, with plaque reading 'This building erected 1889 was the original home of Economic Entomology at this college'

Amherst (Mass.) - Posed outdoors in front of the Economic Entomology building which has a dedication plaque attached to it. Note on back of another copy reads, 'Two of the first graduates in entomology at Massachusetts Agricultural College return for the dedication ceremonies. They are Dr. Jewell B. Knight '92 (left) of Belchertown and Dr. E. Porter Felt of Stamford, Conn., '91'.

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Physical Education Building, Massachusetts State College, Amherst, Mass.

Amherst (Mass.) - View looking northeast of entry to Curry Hicks Physical Education Building. "Erected in 1931, this building offers practically every modern facility for physical education. It contains a large exercise hall, 150x180 ft., a swimming pool, 75x30 ft., and commodious locker rooms and baths. Approximately forty per cent of the cost of this building was contributed by alumni and friends."

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Waugh . F. A. (Frank Albert) . 1869-1943

Class of 1906 students: group portrait on stairs of unidentified building

Amherst (Mass.) - The group represented is not identified, but includes William Hunlie Craighead (back row, 3rd from left) and Frank A. Waugh (front row, third from right). Inscription on the verso: "Charles W. Carpenter Apr. 27, 1906 / With recards & best wisehs, F. A. Waugh."

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The barns, M.A.C., Amherst, Mass.

Amherst (Mass.) - View of fields and barn complex on west campus.

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1922-23 Rope Pull

Amherst (Mass.) - View of Rope Pull team in the Pond.

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