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1960 Oct. 16

Seligman, Ben B.

Permanent poverty: yes or no?

Amherst (Mass.) - Panel discussion of poverty, the private sector, and public policy, the impact of race.

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1968 Oct. 13

Brooke, Edward W.

Lecture by Edward W. Brooke

Amherst (Mass.) - Distinguished Visitors Program lecture at UMass by Sen. Brooke (R, Mass.). Brooke discusses UMass Amherst and the reshaping of American society and politics in the 1960s and the near future. Introduction by Chris McGann.

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1974 July 10

Equal Rights Amendment

Amherst (Mass.) - Discussion of Equal Rights Amendment by and Griffiths (Congressman and supporter) and Schlafly (opponent), moderated by John Daly. Women's Forum show no. F33.

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