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1967 Feb. 8

Olson, Raymond

Letter from Raymond Olsen to Mark H. McCormack

Chicago (Ill.) - Olson expresses appreciation for a letter received from William Carpenter asking him to take care of a collection matter for Arnold Palmer Enterprises. He also mentions seeing McCormack play at the Crosby Pro-Am Tournament on television.

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1957 Aug. 5

McCormack, Ned

Letter from Ned McCormack to Mark H. McCormack

Chicago (Ill.) - Concerning football tickets and apartment access. Written on letterhead of Richard Whiteman at Capper Publications.

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1980 Jan. 21

Heckel, Frederick W.

Letter from Fred W. Heckel to Mark H. McCormack

Chicago (Ill.) - Heckel sends his belated thanks for the Bay Hill golf shirt.

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1960 Oct. 1

Glore, Forgan and Company

Letter from Glore, Forgan and Company to Mark H. McCormack

Chicago (Ill.) - Letter informing McCormack of a claim on Row, Peterson Company stock that is in his name.

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1970 Mar. 11

Grember, John P.

Letter from John P. Grember to Mark H. McCormack

Chicago (Ill.) - Grember forwards information about United Airlines' 8mm film sales.

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1963 Mar. 20

McCormack, Mark H.

Letter from Playboy Clubs International to Mark H. McCormack

Chicago (Ill.) - Concerning McCormack's most recent billing statement and clarifying procedures regarding service charges. See also mums700-b0001-f014-034 and mums700-b0001-f014-035.

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1966 Oct. 17

Hendrick, George K.

Letter from George K. Hendrick to Mark H. McCormack

Chicago (Ill.) - Letter regarding Jack Scott of White Motor Company who will be relocating to Cleveland.

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1967 Dec. 27

Littler, Frank

Letter from Frank Littler to Mark H. McCormack

Chicago (Ill.) - Littler asks about McCormack's family connection with Carl Sandburg and if McCormack's father has any ephemera to donate to North Callahan who is writing a Sandburg biography.

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1983 Mar. 4

Adams, Fred E.

Letter from Fred E. Adams to Mark H. McCormack

Chicago (Ill.) - Adams writes regarding the reviews of his son's new wave rock band in "Sounds" magazine.

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1963 July 24

Graffis, Herb, 1893-

Letter from Herb Graffis to Ned H. McCormack

Chicago (Ill.) - Graffis admits to having a hazy recollection of pulling Mark McCormack on stage to demonstrate what he learned at golf school; notes that Mark McCormack should take care not to work too hard; goes on to discuss McCormack's successful career.

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