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1966 Apr. 13

Ryles, William H.

Letter from William H. Ryles to Mark H. McCormack

Detroit (Mich.) - Ryles has recently realized that McCormack is representing about six millionaires based in Cleveland and wonders if he would be interested in investing in a Poultry Farm; Ryles also has an acquaintance who has a gold mine and wishes to speak to McCormack.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1957 July 30

U.S. Navy Recruitment Station

Letter from R.R. Randall to Mark H. McCormack

Detroit (Mich.) - Officer Procurement Officer R.R. Randall requests a completed questionnaire for McCormack's application for commission in the Naval Reserve.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1966 Sept. 27

Johnson, Glenn H.

Letter from Glenn H. Johnson to Mark H. McCormack

Detroit (Mich.) - Letter regarding the upcoming Detroit Athletic Club Beavers program and travel information to and from the event.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1968 Aug. 26

Millar, Gerald M.

Letter from Gerald M. Millar to Mary Ann Badalamenti

Detroit (Mich.) - Gerald M. Millar, of Campbell-Ewald Company, sends Mary Ann Badalamenti, secretary to Mark H. McCormack, a Xerox copy of the physical they had done on Jean-Claude Killy in New York for insurance purposes per McCormack's request (see also mums700-b0001-f036-i122-0001). He encloses a photographic negative that publicity photos of Killy can be pulled from, as well as some fan mail. Enclosures not with le... more

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