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1919 Feb. 3

Fox, W. J.

Letter from W. J. Fox to Commander of Beauvoir

France - Report on work done by ambulance section SS.U.101 during attack by Germans on July 21, 1918, in the area near Missy-aux-Bois, France. Includes actions performed by Lloyd E. Walsh, who was with the section.

Lloyd E. Walsh Papers

1918 Nov. 22

Bright, O. G.

Letter from O. G. Bright to Lloyd E. Walsh

France - Order for Lloyd E. Walsh to temporarily give an ambulance to "Dr. Roach" for a few days.

Lloyd E. Walsh Papers

1918 Oct. 24

American Red Cross Hospital and Home Service

Letter from American Red Cross Hospital and Home Service to Lloyd E. Walsh

Paris (France) - Addresses inquiry made by Lloyd E. Walsh concerning a French soldier who may have been captured by Germans during a French attack at Lassigny.

Lloyd E. Walsh Papers

1926 Sept.

Gottlieb, Theodore Draper

Retracing Old Red Cross Trails

Newark (N.J.) - Describes Gottlieb revisiting areas of France in which he served with American Red Cross during World War I.

Lloyd E. Walsh Papers

1918 Oct. 20

Walsh, Lloyd Edward

American Red Cross ambulance activity report

Château-Thierry (France) - Description of ambulance movements and activities, including vehicle transfers, supply pickups, and casualty evacuations, for single vehicle attached to American Red Cross Hospital 111 from October 6 to October 20, 1918.

Lloyd E. Walsh Papers


Maison P. Germain, de Metz; ex-maitre sellier de L'École de Saint-Cyr Marquis Successeur; ex-maitre sellier de cavalerie acquÉreur des brevets de Raoul Duval; ex-maitre sellier de L'École de Cavalerie

Paris (France) - Brochure-style advertisement for a saddle shop in Paris. Contains hand-written notes, possibly from Lloyd Walsh, as well as a map of central Paris with some significant streets and landmarks labeled.

Lloyd E. Walsh Papers

1918 Oct. 28

Walsh, Lloyd Edward

Letter from Lloyd E. Walsh to American Red Cross cashier

France - Request for delivery of Lloyd E. Walsh's check to Robert B. Freeman.

Lloyd E. Walsh Papers

1920 Feb. 25

Commander of Beauvoir

Letter from Commander of Beauvoir to Lloyd E. Walsh

Paris (France) - Notifies Lloyd E. Walsh of French government awarding Walsh the Medal of French Gratitude for service with American Red Cross.

Lloyd E. Walsh Papers

1919 Apr. 2

Receipt for carpentry materials

Tours (France) - Documents payment for wood and carpentry materials for an automobilie, presumably belonging to American Red Cross. Also contains French stamp of taxation.

Lloyd E. Walsh Papers

1918 Dec. 9

Newell, Hodge A.

Letter from Hodge A. Newell to C. C. Burlingame

France - Confirms closure of American Red Cross Hospital 111, commends Red Cross personnel at hospital, and thanks headquarters for cooperation.

Lloyd E. Walsh Papers