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1920 Feb.

Beton, Isaac

Translation of letters from Isaac Beton to W. E. B. Du Bois

Paris (France) - Concerning greater trade relations between France and African American business owners in an effort to assuage prejudices of the French people. Contains extract from a second letter.

W. E. B. Du Bois Papers


Taylor, H. D.

Gaie Paris (outdoor urinal)

Paris (France) - Image of man exiting an urban outdoor urinal.

Frank A. Waugh Papers

1861 Jan. 15

Lyman, Benjamin Smith, 1835-1920

Letter from Benjamin Smith Lyman to J. Peter Lesley

Paris (France) - Lyman writes to accompany a small geological map of France, to be sent by way of an acquaintance returning to the U. S. He provides Mr. Lesley with a comparison of "water blast" machines and other processes used at the bloomery forges in the Valley of Andorra and those in the Southern U. S. Lyman requests that one of the reservoir pens Mr. Lesley favors be shipped to him in Fra... more

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers


Ambellan, Harold

Harold Ambellan memoir

Arles (France) - Autobiographical memoir of the sculptor and American expatriot to France, recorded in conversation with Victoria Diehl. Ambellan discusses his childhood and family in Buffalo and early interest in art; the impact of the Great Depression; studying art and sculpture; hitchiking to Florida and hopping a train back to Cleveland; Chellenor Prize; move to New York (1932) and ... more

Harold Ambellan Memoir


Interior of unidentified church

Paris (France) - View of interior of unidentified church looking toward the altar; possibly Paris.

Frank A. Waugh Papers


Tank (Renault FT-17) with hatch open

Paris (France) - From a series of images of German military equipment, either surrendered or captured, on display, probably in Paris.

Lawrence D. Yeomans Papers

1926 Aug. 11

Lyman, Frank, 1852-1938

Letter from Frank Lyman to Howard A. Dalton

Paris (France) - Describes trip to Eiffel Tower, and tour of Paris.

Lyman Family Papers

1860 Mar. 1

Lyman, Benjamin Smith, 1835-1920

Letter from Benjamin Smith Lyman to J. Peter Lesley

Paris (France) - Lyman theorizes about the cause of the infrequency of Mr. Lesley's writing, explains his language-based difficulties at the School of Mines, and informs Mr. Lesley of engaging in social activities with mutual acquaintances.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers


Imperium Revue Coloniale Francaise

Paris (France) - Reviewing issue is French colonial Africa from the perspective of the Pan African movement.

W. E. B. Du Bois Papers