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1981 Feb. 20

Cunningham, J. A.

Letter from J. A. Cunningham to Mark H. McCormack

Pittsburgh (Pa.) - Cunningham responds to a letter McCormack wrote to Mr. Marous regarding possible involvement in professional sporting activities.

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1984 Aug.

Hilton, Peter M.

Peter M. Hilton resume

Pittsburgh (Pa.) - The resume of Peter M. Hilton.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1965 Aug. 12

1965 PGA Championship

1965 PGA Championship Invoice

Pittsburgh (Pa.) - Invoice to Mark H. McCormack for 1965 PGA Championship tickets.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1982 Sept. 7

Sweeney, Clayton A.

Letter from Clayton A. Sweeney to pension committee board of directors

Pittsburgh (Pa.) - Sweeney sends the pension perfromance report for the month of July 1982.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1960 Sept. 22

Brand, Fred

Letter from Fred Brand to Mark H. McCormack

Pittsburgh (Pa.) - Letter regarding the upcoming Arnold Palmer banquet, cocktails parties and inquiry into McCormack's need for overnight accommodations.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1965 Dec. 7

Agnew, Frank E.

Letter from Frank E. Agnew to Mark H. McCormack

Pittsburgh (Pa.) - Letter regarding the signing of football player Charles Gogolak, and a lawsuit for Princeton coach Dick Coleman.

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1976 Mar. 12

Oles, Carl J.

Letter from Carl J. Oles to Douglas H. Green

Pittsburgh (Pa.) - Oles gives a positive recommendation of the services of Investment Advisors International.

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1957 Oct. 4

Equitable Life Assurance Society

Letter from Equitable Life Assurance Society to Mark H. McCormack

Pittsburgh (Pa.) - Regarding a meeting with an unnamed party.

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1964 Dec. 4

Emanuel, Louis

Letter from Louis Emanuel III to Mark H. McCormack

Pittsburgh (Pa.) - Emanuel notes that the brother and sister-in-law of his receptionist recently move to Cleveland and are in need of a goof family lawyer, so he has recommended McCormack; he goes on to explain that the family is in need of simple wills and has had some difficulty with the firm Quire and Saunders.

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1982 Sept. 1

Allegheny International, Inc..

Allegheny International monthly pension fund perfromance report

Pittsburgh (Pa.) - Monthly pension fund perfromance report with a narrative description and fund value outline.

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