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1962 Dec. 3

Childs, Theron D.

Letter from Theron D. Childs Jr. to Mark H. McCormack

Three Oaks (Mich. : Township) - Childs congratulates McCormack on his Sports Illustrated article and his successful career.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1963 Jan. 7

Archer, James H., 1882-1973

Letter from James H. Archer to Mark H. McCormack

Three Oaks (Mich. : Township) - Archer asks McCormack if a meeting in the spring would be more convenient. Archer voices an interest in participating in a tournament in which he could compete against golfers who already have an established golfing career in order that he may prove his abilities and gain a reputation in golf. He goes on to explain his interest in becoming a golfing instructor and exploring options... more

Mark H. McCormack Papers