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University of Massachusetts at Amherst . Distinguished Visitors Program (2)
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968 (1)
Langland, Joseph (1)
Mankin, Paul A. (1)
McGann, Chris (1)
Moon, Kenneth (1)
People Against Racism (1)
Reagan, Ronald (1)
Seligman, Ben B. (1)
Students for a Democratic Society (U.S.) (1)
Tisdale, Jim (1)
United States National Student Association (1)
Venceremos Brigade (1)


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WFCR Radio Broadcast Collection (34)


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Amherst (Mass.) (16)
South Hadley (Mass.) (13)
Europe (3)
Northampton (Mass.) (3)
Central America (2)
Nicaragua (2)
1979- (1)
1979-1990 (1)
Cuba (1)
El Salvador (1)
Massachusetts (1)
Springfield (Mass.) (1)
Vietnam (1)
West Springfield (Mass.) (1)



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Amherst (Mass.) - Lecture on emphasis on human rights in Jimmy Carter's foreign policy and American involvement in Central America.
(WFCR Radio Broadcast Collection)

Chomsky, Noam
1978 May 4
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Amherst (Mass.) - Panel discussion of poverty, the private sector, and public policy, the impact of race.
(WFCR Radio Broadcast Collection)

Seligman, Ben B.
1960 Oct. 16
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Amherst (Mass.) - Discussion of seventh contingent of Venceremos Brigade's trip to Cuba. Women's Forum show no. F31
(WFCR Radio Broadcast Collection)

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Springfield (Mass.) - Lecture at American International College. Audio choppy, particularly early in tape.
(WFCR Radio Broadcast Collection)

Chomsky, Noam
1970 Apr.
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South Hadley (Mass.) - Lecture at Mount Holyoke College.
(WFCR Radio Broadcast Collection)

Friedan, Betty
1963 Oct. 9
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Amherst (Mass.) - Distinguished Visitors Program lecture at UMass by Sen. Brooke (R, Mass.). Brooke discusses UMass Amherst and the reshaping of American society and politics in the 1960s and the near future. Introduction by Chris McGann.
(WFCR Radio Broadcast Collection)

Brooke, Edward W.
1968 Oct. 13
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Amherst (Mass.) - Five College Lecture Hall broadcast of talk from UMass Amherst. Discussion of student unrest and student organization, American democracy.
(WFCR Radio Broadcast Collection)

Buckley, William F. (William Frank), Jr., 1925-2008
1968 May 6
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Amherst (Mass.) - Lecture on student movement in Europe and United States and relation to universities, American society, and older regimes unresponsive to realities of younger American lives. Keynote address at spring meeting of American Association of University Professors held at UMass Amherst; introduction by Mankin.
(WFCR Radio Broadcast Collection)

Taylor, Harold, 1914-1993
1969 May 14
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South Hadley (Mass.) - Lecture at Mount Holyoke College: arguing there is not a true revolution.
(WFCR Radio Broadcast Collection)

Kirkendall, Lester Allen, 1903-
1965 Nov. 10
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Amherst (Mass.) - Lecture delivered at meeting of Mass. School Counselors Association at UMass Amherst. Argument that we are not engaged in education, but mere instruction, and not geared toward thinking.
(WFCR Radio Broadcast Collection)

Montagu, Ashley, 1905-1999
1965 May 20