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1935 Sept. 10

Horace T. Aplington, Lieutenant Colonel Cavalry

Portrait of Lieutenant Colonel Horace T. Aplington (in uniform), Calvary Professor of Military Science and Head of the Department 1935. Note included that reads, "Lt.-Col. Horace T. Aplington who will leave the R.O.T.C. unit at Massachusetts State College to take up a new post at Los Angeles, Calif. He has been commandant at the college since 1935."

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1927 Dec.

Grant B. Snyder

Formal portrait of a young Professor Grant B. Snyder. He started at Massachusetts Agricultural College as an instructor in vegetable gardening, eventually becoming Professor of Olericulture, Head of the Department of Horticulture and finally Professor Emeritus. He was actively interested in the National Junior Horticulture Foundation, Inc. as National Advisor and Chairman of the Board ... more

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Adeline E. Hicks

Portrait of Adeline E. Hicks when she resigned as Head of the Department of Physical Education at Massachusetts State College.

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Fred Coleman Sears on boat with unidentified woman

Coleman on boat, one foot on rope pile, talking to young woman seated on side of boat, ocean in background

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Philip H. Smith with bags of vegetable seeds

Philip Henry Smith of the Class of 1897, who became a Professor of Chemistry at the Hatch Experiment Station in the early 1900s, examines the tag on a bag of vegetable seeds. Each bag is labeled with a tag noting, among other things, a Date of Germination test (Jan. 1943). Professor Smith wears a lapel button bearing the initials A.R.P. Typewritten note accompanying ph... more

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Nelson Major at work

Nelson P. Major of the University barbershop works at trimming a customer's hair. Mr. Major was the third generation in a family of barbers and began working at Massachusetts State College in 1933, continuing until his retirement in 1984. "Nelson Major, UMass barber" handwritten on back.

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George A. Marston

Emeritus Dean of the College of Engineering George A. Marston laughs during a reception at which he was honored. Originally a Professor of Mathematics and Engineering, he had agreed to help found an Engineering school at the University of Massachusetts in 1947 and oversaw the new College as its first Dean from 1953 until his retirement in 1963. "George A. Marston" wr... more

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