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Alexander and Anna Blasko at his retirement party

Alexander "Red" Blasko, former Chief of the University police, shows off a cake while his wife Anna points at it during his retirement party. He served the campus beginning in the 1950s and until his retirement in the 1970s.

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Nelson Major at work

Nelson P. Major of the University barbershop works at trimming a customer's hair. Mr. Major was the third generation in a family of barbers and began working at Massachusetts State College in 1933, continuing until his retirement in 1984. "Nelson Major, UMass barber" handwritten on back.

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Faculty and staff members seated at a banquet

Group portrait of over 85 faculty and staff mostly seated at a banquet. "Banquet to members of the staff who had served the college 25 years or more, May 20. 1933" written on verso. .

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Daniel M. Melley

Daniel M. Melley ('55), Director of Public Affairs, speaks to someone off-camera in his office. He also served as Vice Chancellor for University Relations and Developments, coached the 1964 G.E. College Bowl team, and after retirement was a member of the UMass Millennium Time Capsule Committee.

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Royal K. Tanner

Master Sgt. Royal K. "Roy" Tanner standing in front of a building in full military uniform. A member of the Class of 1936, after retiring from the Army he worked at Massachusetts State College as a military property clerk. "Roy Tanner, Return to G. Souli, M.S.C., Amherst, Mass." handwritten on back. Partial handwritten note mentions "Sergeants" and "Cronk", the latter r... more

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Lovell, J. L. (John Lyman), 1825-1903

George Montague

Formal head and shoulders cabinet card portrait of George Montague, an instructor in bookkeeping and Treasurer of Massachusetts Agricultural College from 1868 until his retirement in 1884. "Lovell, Amherst" printed on front. "Prof. Montague, presented by R. A. Cochran '82" written on back. "University of Massachusetts Archives" stamped on back.

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1959 July 6

Sheahan, Jack

Nelson Major at work

Nelson P. Major of the University barbershop works at trimming a customer's hair. A typewritten note accompanying the photograph reads: "Nelson Major (third generation of barbers; came to University of Massachusetts at age of 19 in 1933) shown in Scalp Shop of Student Union giving a haircut to Harding Stuart [sic], graduate student from Greenfield." "Jul. 6, 1959" and ... more

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Anthony M. Melchionda

Informal head and shoulders portrait of Anthony M. "Tony" Melchionda, a physician at the University Services in the 1970s. He passed away in February 1983.

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John F. Martin with wife at banquet

John F. "Jack" Martin, manager of the residence halls at UMass in the 1950s, chats with unidentified members at his table during a banquet while his wife sits by his side. "Jack Martin" written on back.

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