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1965 Aug. 2

Reaves, Imogene

Letter from Imogene Reaves to Gloria Xifaras Clark

Holly Springs (Miss.) - Imogene sends everyone's regards.

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Unofficial Ballot: James V. (Bill) Murdock

Marshall County (Miss.) - Unofficial ballot for James V. Murdock, candidate for Supervisor of District 1 Marshall County.

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Alabama: Voter Information

Alabama - A list of the chairmen of county Democratic executive committees.

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Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service elections: Marshall County (Miss.) Candidates

Marshall County (Miss.) - ASCS candidates in Marshall County, tallies and winners written in margins.

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1965 Jan. 20

Cobb, Charleane Hill

Letter from Charleane Hill to Gloria Xifaras Clark

Blue Mountain (Miss.) - Charleane thanks Gloria for the package. Charleane discusses her plans for work and college. She and Marjorie are taking a voter registration class in Ripley, Mississippi.

Gloria Xifaras Clark Papers


Nunnally, U. Z.

Letter from Ulysses Nunnally to Gloria Xifaras Clark

Holly Springs (Miss.) - Mutual friends just came to visit. Three new African American policemen. Asks Gloria if she is coming down to visit in the summer.

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1964 July 30

Spight, Paul

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party: Union County Convention

Union County (Miss.) - County chairman Siddell called for the election of delegates and alternates for the second Congressional District convention, which was to be held in Greenville on August 2.

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1964 Dec. 22

Council of Federated Organizations (U.S.)

Southern Student Organizing Committee Starts Christmas Project in Mississippi

Jackson (Miss.) - The Southern Student Organizing Committee (S.S.O.C.) is sponsoring service projects in Hattiesburg and Meridian, Mississippi. Students are repainting community centers over their Christmas break.

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Allen, Chude Pamela, 1943-

Letter from Chude Pamela Parker Allen to her parents

Holly Springs (Miss.) - Pam talks about her students and the school. Topics include a schedule of her typical day, some of her personal relationships, integration at a local church, things she needs, financial support, and local arrests. "There is no doubt in my mind that this is worth dying for."

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1966 Jan. 7

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)

The murder of Samuel Young, S.N.C.C. worker

Boston (Mass.) - Samuel Young, a 22-year-old S.N.C.C. worker was murdered at a gas station in Tuskegee, Alabama.

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