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1987 Sept. 29

Robbins, Aynie

Memorandum from Ayn Robbins to Laurie Roggenburk

Ayn Robbins sends Laurie Roggenburk two McCormack business cards. She notes that the first was ordered by Susan Wissman and was taken back for being aethetically wrong, while the second is what she was recently given. Two business cards photocopied onto memorandum.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1990 Feb. 6

McCormack, Mark H.

Memorandum from Mark H. McCormack to Breck McCormack

Concerning the attached letter to Michael Bassermann, Mark McCormack gives Breck Bassermann's private and office phone numbers in order to set up a meeting when Breck is in Hong Kong. Attached is a photocopy of Bassermann's business card.

Mark H. McCormack Papers