McCormack, Mark H. (44)
Roggenburk, Laurie (26)
Stott, Judy (11)
Kapalua Betsy Nagelsen Tennis Invitational (8)
Kernc, Barbara (6)
Roggenburk, Brian (6)
Kuhn, Peter A. (4)
Chilcote, Judy A. (3)
Earle, Geoffrey (3)
Playboy Enterprises (3)
Wimbledon Championships (3)
World Match Play Championship (Golf tournament) (3)
British Open (Golf tournament) (2)
David Hooks Photography (2)
Kapalua Land Company Ltd. (2)
Pilley, Phil (2)
Zulfer, Cathy (2)
3M Company (1)
Bank Marketing Association (U.S.) (1)
Bay Hill Club (Orlando, Fla.) (1)
Bidwell, Ben (1)
Chism, Charles G. (1)
Cooley, Godward, Castro et al (1)
German, Peter (1)
Hertz Corporation (1)
Johnston, Alastair J. (1)
Johnston, Virginia (1)
Kain, Robert D. (1)
Kapalua Bay Hotel (1)
Kirin-Seagram Limited (1)
Korn, Sidney (1)
Kuhrmeyer, Carl A. (1)
Lemo, Bobbie (1)
Macklin, John L. (1)
Mamiya, Toshio (1)
Masters Golf Tournament (1)
Matsuki, Fumiko (1)
Miller, Steve (1)
Nagelsen McCormack, Betsy, 1956- (1)
National Association of Industrial and Office Parks (1)
Nicholas Nickolas Restaurant (1)
Norman, Jim (1)
Norton, Hughes (1)
Paul, Desiree (1)
Prescott Travel (1)
Rosenblum, Arthur (1)
Schoenberg, Saul (1)
Schoepf, Tony (1)
Stott, Virginia (1)
Tatum, Frank D. (1)
The House Doctor (1)
Todd, Ian (1)
Turner, Helen (1)
United States Golf Association (1)
Vener, Brian (1)
Young Transportation (1)
Young, Don (1)
Young, Donald (1)


Cost (99)
Corporation reports (21)
Invoices (14)
Bookkeeping (8)
Accounting (6)
Expense accounts (6)
Oratory (6)
Boards of directors (4)
Limousine services (4)
Travel costs (4)
Air travel (3)
Confidential communications (3)
Economic aspects (3)
Golf (3)
Income (3)
Office management (3)
Television broadcasting of sports (3)
Travel (3)
Wedding photography (3)
Business enterprises (2)
Finance (2)
Financial statements (2)
Sports films (2)
Supervision of employees (2)
Tournaments (2)
Advertising (1)
Business communication (1)
Business meetings (1)
Clothing and dress (1)
Corporate sponsorship (1)
German Open Golf Championship (1)
Hospitality (1)
Marquees (1)
Merchandising (1)
Munich Grand Prix Tennis Championship (1)
Planning (1)
Production and direction (1)
Rental automobiles (1)
Special events (1)
Television (1)
Television programs (1)
Vacation rentals (1)


Correspondence (61)
Memorandums (48)
Reports (20)
Financial records (8)
Invoices (5)
Notes (3)
Financial statements (2)
Receipts (financial records) (2)
Memorandum (1)
Tickets (1)


Mark H. McCormack Papers (99)


London (England) (3)
Hendersonville (N. C.) (2)
Asheville (N. C.) (1)
Chicago (Ill.) (1)
Golden (Colo.) (1)
Maui County (Hawaii) (1)
Scotland (1)
Spain (1)



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Schoenberg writes regarding Genesco's payment of costs incurred for their United Kingdom operation.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

Schoenberg, Saul
1982 Dec. 17
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Chilcote writes with questions on Barry Frank's expense report.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

Chilcote, Judy A.
1972 Oct. 11
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Chilcote writes regarding cost cutting measures for the Los Angeles and New York offices.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

Chilcote, Judy A.
1977 June 23
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McCormack writes regarding the cost of the limousine service for Vince Scully.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1976 Nov. 9
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Macklin sends statements of income and expense on the executive program and explains the numbers.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

Macklin, John L.
1977 June 10
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McCormack infroms Toshio Mamiya of the amount of money he will need, as from 1982, from Sunotry for name sponsorship of the World Match Play Championship. He indicates that he has attached an Income and Expense Statement on the World Match Play Championship.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1981 Apr. 20
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Chilcote sends the Personnel Committee a list of their McCormack Day outing costings. She also notes the attendance of the event.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

Chilcote, Judy A.
1975 Sept. 12
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McCormack writes Carl A. Kuhrmeyer concerning the mixed television golf idea they recently discussed. He mentions that he has asked his people to cost out a pro-amateur event at La Manga on the day following the 1976 Spanish Open at La Manga. He describes the mixed television golf idea in detail and indicates that he would prefer to have national teams which would be something like Arnold Palmer and L... more
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1975 Sept. 22
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McCormack informs Charles G. Chism that he will be sending him some rough costings for a Scottish golf trip which could take place this summer and involve a group of his top customers.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1979 Nov. 13
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Income and Expense Statement for the 1980 Sunotry World Match Play Championship.
(Mark H. McCormack Papers)

McCormack, Mark H.
1981 Apr. 20