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1982 July 30

Cranston, Alan

Keynote addresses at NOFA Annual Conference

Soviet Union - Keynote speech at NOFA conference: (00:00:00: Alan Cranston: analysis of economic problems rooted in entering Vietnam war and not pay for it without raising taxes, as proposed anew. Jonathan Schell's new book on threat of nuclear war; Cranston's visit to Soviet Union and discussion with military there on nature of war between the superpowers. Critique of Republican fore... more

Northeast Organic Farming Association Records

1945 June 15

Langland, Joseph

Letter from Joseph Langland to Harold D. Langland and family

Germany - Circular letter to Harold and family. Since last writing, has been all through the area east of Leipzig, Weimar, etc., and taken a couple more trips through Buchenwald, "where I caught a case of the fleas and have been itching since." Saw skins of prisoners taken by Frau Koch from prisoners for tattoos she liked. Another story from Buchenwald: an Italian Princess Fanand... more

Joseph Langland Papers