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1864 Jan. 10

Lyman, Benjamin Smith, 1835-1920

Letter from Benjamin Smith Lyman to J. Peter Lesley

Philadelphia (Pa.) - Lyman informs Mr. Lesley that he will be unable to complete several of the maps for the Glace Bay survey before departing for Arizona. He requests that Mr. Lesley or Joe complete the work under the conditions of secrecy required by Mr. Belloni, and informs Mr. Lesley of an error in one of the existing maps. Two sets of "notes in regard to what is needed to be done in ... more

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1864 Feb. 10

Belloni, Robert

Letter from Rob Belloni to J. Peter Lesley

Cape Breton Island (N. S. ) - Mr. Belloni writes to inquire about the status of Lyman's incomplete survey work on the Block House vein of coal at Cow Bay, Cape Breton. He asks whether Mr. Lesley has all of the information needed to complete the work, and when to "anticipate the receipt of drawings." Note that Lyman's Cow Bay was renamed Port Morien in 1895.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers