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1967 July 24

Palmer, Arnold, 1929-

Letter from Arnold Palmer to Reverend John W. Slater

Writing in response to Slater's letter (mums700-b0001-f031-i068), Palmer explains how flattered and gratified he is by the contents in Slater's letter. Palmer goes on to explain that religion has always played an important factor in his life and carer, however, he feels he can not take the initiative of telling youth how to practice their religion.

Mark H. McCormack Papers

1968 Mar. 8

Slater, John W.

Letter from John W. Slater to Arnold Palmer

Lincoln Park (Mich.) - Slater, the reverend at St. Michaels Episcopal Church, is trying to impress upon young people that "many outstanding Americans have found religion to be a vital and living force in their lives and success." Slater requests the Palmer express his thoughts on "How Faith in God has been important in [his] life and career" and "why young people should take God, religion, an... more

Mark H. McCormack Papers