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Thomson, J. (John), 1837-1921

Caledonian Sugar Mill, Province Wellesley, Penang

Pinang - Image of native Malay workers feeding cane into mill at Caledonia Sugar Mill, Pinang.

John Thomson Photograph Collection


Lillydahl, Sandy

Evening view of central Ruben Martinez Villenas sugar mill

Aguacate (Cuba) - "Our centrale, the Ruben Martinez Villenas sugar mill that processed our cane. When we returned from a trip in the evening, we could always tell we were near home by the warm molasses aroma of the cane fields and the centrale. The cane we cut was brought to the centrale where it was washed and crushed to e4xtract the juice. Juice was boiled down in large metal vats until it was dark, thick, and beginn... more

Sandy Lillydahl Venceremos Brigade Photograph Collection