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1799 Apr. 29

Agreement between Nicholas Gilbert and Lindor, 'the blackman'

Providence (R.I.) - Agreement between Nicholas Gilbert on Newport and Lindor, an African American man held in prison, in which Lindor agrees to serve on two India voyages for Gilbert's client Poulain Audinet, "and at the expiration there of to be considered allowed by him & his Constituents as a free man and to have and Enjoy his Liberty accordingly without any further claim." On verso in a copy o... more

Moses Brown Papers


A short history of the African Union Meeting and School-House erected in Providence (R.I.) in the years 1819, '20, '21; with rules for its future government

Providence (R.I.) - Moses Brown's copy with his signature on the title page and a note added at end of text: "N.B. The whole of this book I never read or heard read til since printed, the last paragraph was read to me by Henry Jackson who I suppose to be the compiler & writer and I proposed to leave my name out but he tho't best to Continue it in, -- I had rather it had been omitted as I d... more

Moses Brown Papers

1774 Dec. 15

Greene, Caleb

Manumission records: divestment of partial interest in two enslaved men, Peter and Venter

Providence (R.I.) - "Under a sense of the Oppression and Injustice of Buying and selling of men as Slaves and Desire to Remove far as may be, the Evil Practice thereof," Greene divests himself of a one quarter interest in "a certain Indian or Mulatto of what Nation he may be, Called and known by the Name of Peter" and a one half interest in "a Negro Man Named Venter." Witnessed by Moses Br... more

Moses Brown Papers

1766 Sept. 18

Brown, Moses, 1788-1836

Receipt from Moses Brown to Mary Brown for 'for a Negro Girl Named Pegg'

Providence (R.I.) - Promise to pay $70 for enslaved woman, Pegg.

Moses Brown Papers

1792 Nov. 23

Brown, Moses, 1788-1836

Draft letter from Moses Brown to Samuel Elliot

Providence (R.I.) - The Abolition Society has approved support for the Taunton case.

Moses Brown Papers

1786 Nov. 29

Dillwyn, William, 1743-1824

Letter from William Dillwyn to Moses Brown

London (Eng.) - Distressing case of N.C. "I am glad to hear that our simple Endeavours to exite a more general abhorrence of Negro Slavery have been met, in so many Places, Encouragement to persevere in them." Awaits action within the Meeting for Sufferings... "until then we must patiently wait and be satisfied with the Fruits which have already appear'd without being discouraged at th... more

Moses Brown Papers


Plea for free colored man held in prison in Savannah on suspicion of being a run away slave

Rhode Island - Note relaying news that a free colored man, Thomas Francis of Newport, son of Violet Francis, is being held in jail in Savannah "on suspicion of being a runaway slave. He has been there in chains six months & wishes Capt. Cooke to make some exertions to obtains his release -- refers to Robert Lawton of Newport."

Moses Brown Papers

1802 July 12

Brown, Moses, 1738-1836

Observations and experiments on lightning bugs

Providence (R.I.) - Observations on the anatomy of a captive firefly and hatching of its eggs.

Moses Brown Papers


Providence Society for Abolishing the Slave-Trade

Constitution of the Providence Society for Abolishing the Slave-Trade

Providence (R.I.) - Printed constitution with note added in manuscript: "Adopted, 20th day of 2d mo. 1789."

Moses Brown Papers

1788 Jan. 5

Brown, Moses, 1788-1836

Letter from Moses Brown to Samuel Elliot

Providence (R.I.) - Sending copy of act passed in Connecticut (banning the slave trade); now turning to New Hampshire where Guinea Traders may be using New Hampshire to "clear their vessels"

Moses Brown Papers