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1986 Nov.

Protesters on UMass Amherst campus, one waving a large American flag

Amherst (Mass.) - Crowd of students gathered on lawn between Herter and Whitmore Halls. From a series of images documenting student activism at UMass Amherst in the mid-1980s, including protests against CIA recruitment on campus and the student occupation of Munson Hall and against US intervention in Central America. The photos were taken by either Charles F. Carroll, Byrne Guarnotta, or Libby H... more

Activism of the 1980s Collection

1968 Feb. 15

Drucker, Jeffrey

Demonstration against Dow Chemical Co. and the war in Vietnam outside Whitmore Hall, UMass Amherst Protesters lining the ramp to the entrance to Whitmore Hall, Herter Hall (under construction) in background

Amherst (Mass.) - From a series of images of the mass student protests organized by the Ad Hoc Committee On Dow, a "theatrical approach" to protesting the Vietnam War and the use of napalm (see UMass Daily Collegian Feb. 14, 1968).

Jeffrey Drucker Photograph Collection

2013 Mar. 22

Mainzer, Lewis C. (Lewis Casper), 1928-

Lewis Mainzer: oral history with Jessica Adamites

Amherst (Mass.) - Interview with Lewis Mainzer, UMass Amherst Department of Government (Political Science). Youth and education; hiring at UMass; campus academic culture in the 1950s; Government at UMass on Mainzer's arrival in 1953; congenial relations in the department.

UMass Amherst Oral History Collection


South east, from South Dormitory, M.A.C., Amherst, Mass.

Amherst (Mass.) - View of Old Chapel across Campus Pondas seen from top of South College.

University Photograph Collection


South Dormitory, M.A.C., Amherst, Mass.

Amherst (Mass.) - View looking northwest at South College; note wall posted with football scores from 1901 season; postcard sent in 1907.

University Photograph Collection

2007 Nov. 15

Palmieri, Nancy

UMass student strike: strikers occupying the hallways in Whitmore Hall leading to the Chancellor's office

Amherst (Mass.) - From a series of photographs labeled "UMass strike." In November 2007, graduate and undergraduate students at UMass Amherst waged a two-day strike that began with a gathering in the Student Union ballroom and culminated in a ninety minute occupation of Whitmore Hall. The strikers demanded a rollback in student fees, greater funding for diversity initiatives, the ouster ... more

Nancy Palmieri Collection


Waugh, F. A. (Frank Albert), 1869-1943

Plants casting shadows in snow

Amherst (Mass.) - Hand-colored image of stalks casting shadows in fresh snow; photo probably taken in Amherst.

Frank A. Waugh Papers


Mange, Arthur P.

Crane flies mating at 160 Gray Street

Amherst (Mass.) - Close-up of mating crane flies on a wall.

Arthur P. Mange Photograph Collection