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1891 Aug. 2

Tyler, H. D.

Letter from H. D. Tyler to Tokumatsu Nakajima

Northampton (Mass.) - Tyler offers Toku financial assistance, because of an issue he is having with Benjamin Smith Lyman, and bemoans his debts. He talks about recent baseball games, and includes a table of scores. Tyler criticizes Toku's involvement with Edith B., and describes his own, then compares her to Jessica Burnham and Lillian Ware, and says he will get Lillian's address so that ... more

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1898 Mar. 12

Kushibiki & Arai

Letter from Kushibiki & Arai to Benjamin Smith Lyman

Atlantic City (N.J.) - Mr. Arai thanks Lyman for corresponding with Mr. Nakajima Tokutaro, and notes that he will continue the matter directly. The letter and included envelope are on Kushibiki & Arai printed stationery, and are addressed to Lyman in Philadelphia.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers


Lyman, Benjamin Smith, 1835-1920

Visit to Mount Holyoke

Northampton (Mass.) - Composition No. 6, Lyman recounts a hike up Mount Holyoke with one of his friends.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1867 July 29

Hill, Thomas, 1818-1891

Letter from Thomas Hill to James Fowler Lyman

Cambridge (Mass.) - A formal letter of acknowledgement to James Lyman for the gift of his essay "France: Its Present Policy and Government" to the Library of Harvard University. The letter is signed by both the College President, Thomas Hill, and the Librarian, John Langdon Sibley. An envelope with the Harvard seal is included.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1891 Aug. 4

Letter from Matsugata to Toku Nakajima

Northampton (Mass.) - Matsugata describes his summer activities, and invites Toku to visit him in Amherst with Gonpei, Tyler, or any other friends. The letter is written on a pair of postal cards, and a typewritten transcript of the cards is included.

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Lyman, Benjamin Smith, 1835-1920

Japanese woman seated

Japan - Unidentified Japanese woman in kimono seated. Photograph believed to be taken by Lyman.

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1894 May 19

Balch Brothers . Subscription Book Publishers

Letter from Balch Brothers to Tokumatsu Nakajima

Boston (Mass.) - The Balch brothers reply to a letter of inquiry from Toku. Their typewritten letter explains the book canvassing sales positions that they are offering to "college boys," and includes an application for employment. The accompanying envelope is addressed to Toku in Philadelphia.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1867 June 25

Frothingham, Octavius Brooks, 1822-1895

Letter from Octavius Brooks Frothingam to James Fowler Lyman

New York (N.Y. ) - O. B. Frothingham discusses the importance of the principles of French governance that James Lyman wrote about in his recent essay: "France: Its Present Policy and Government."

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1850 Aug. 18

Lyman, Benjamin Smith, 1835-1920

Sunday school exercises on religion and religious life

Northampton (Mass.) - Sunday School exercises with Rufus Ellis on religion and religious life. Biblical text from the book of Matthew.

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Benjamin Smith Lyman, Munroe, William Wheeler, and Mrs. Wheeler

Japan - Benjamin Smith Lyman, Munroe (first name unknown), William Wheeler, and Mrs. Wheeler seated in front of a large ginkgo tree at Benjamin Smith Lyman's house in Yedo, Japan.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers