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1874 Feb. 25

Smith, Archer and Company

Smith, Archer and Company receipt

Japan - Receipt for 400 ry? for payment on the account of Benjamin Smith Lyman.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1911 Apr. 11

Bascom, F. (Florence), 1862-1945

Letter from Florence Bascom to Benjamin Smith Lyman

Bryn Mawr (Pa.) - A note from Bascom regarding her inability to attend the upcoming excursion of the Academy of Natural Sciences Mineralogical and Geological Section, unless it is rescheduled to April 28th. The included envelope is addressed to Lyman in Philadelphia, and stamped "SPECIAL DELIVERY."

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1891 July 9

Lyman, Benjamin Smith, 1835-1920

Letter from Benjamin Smith Lyman to Tokumatsu Nakajima

Philadelphia (Pa.) - Lyman appreciates Toku's good intentions for the future. He is anxious about Toku's studies and the duration of his stay with the Brewers in Northampton.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers


Lyman, Benjamin Smith, 1835-1920

Abstract of Arnold's History of Rome

Northampton (Mass.) - Abstracts from Arnold's History of Rome, including the legends of Aeneas, Ascanius, and Romulus.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1878 Jan. 19

Cruickshank, W. J.

W. J. Cruickshank receipt

Yokohama-shi (Japan) - Receipt for 900 gold yen received from Benjamin Smith Lyman.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1880 Apr. 9

Noguchi, G.

Letter from G. Noguchi to Benjamin Smith Lyman

Tokyo (Japan) - Noguchi acknowledges receipt of fifty-four rock specimens, and informs Lyman to expect another lot. He remarks that the number of specimens returned by Lyman has not been equal to those sent, and that he will be looking into the matter. Noguchi requests an address for Monsieur E. Gaujot. Letter's envelope is included.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1894 July 17

Sugihito, T.

Letter from T. Sugihito to Tokumatsu Nakajima

Chapel HIll (N.C) - Sugihito notes his arrival at Chapel Hill, mentions his English lessons, asks Toku to send what news he has of Japan, and requests that Mr. Yamaji send Japanese paper.. The included envelope is addressed to Toku in Phildelphia, and postmarked 1894, but has the date "July 25 1882" written in pencil on the flap side.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers


Lyman, Benjamin Smith, 1835-1920

Japanese performers

Japan - Group of four unidentified Japanese woman and one man in kimonos, seated with musical instruments. Photograph believed to be taken by Lyman.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1891 Aug. 9

Tracy, Edith Dorcas

Letter from Edith Dorcas Tracy to Tokumatsu Nakajima

Northampton (Mass.) - Edith mentions several events of her summer, including visiting with Mr. Severence and Mr. Peck, and going to church with Molly to hear Bishop Huntington. She briefly comments on several acquaintances. A typewritten transcript of the letter is included.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1892 Aug. 7

Brewer, Hannah Elizabeth, 1834-1916

Letter from Hannah Elizabeth Brewer to Tokumatsu Nakajima

Boston (Mass.) - Hannah writes from Fort Hill, where she and Fanny are staying while their aunt and uncle are away. She describes a church service, including the music, the flowers, and the attendees, as well as noting that she does not think Toku would like Mr. Griffin's sermons. Hannah mentions the end of the engagement of a mutual acquaintance, Daisy.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers