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Lyman, Benjamin Smith, 1835-1920

Composition no. 12

Northampton (Mass.) - Untitled composition No. 12, Lyman writes of his Saturday train excursion to Brattleboro, Vermont. After arrival, he had dinner and took a carriage ride around town, passing the Insane Asylum, water care establishment, and the burial ground.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1879 July 17

Cruickshank, W. J.

W. J. Cruickshank receipt

Yokohama-shi (Japan) - Receipt for 959.50 in Japanese silver yen and $45 dollars from Benjamin Smith Lyman.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1880 May 1

Noguchi, G.

Letter from G. Noguchi to Benjamin Smith Lyman

Tokyo (Japan) - Noguchi acknowledges the receipt of sixty Yesso rock specimens, and thanks Lyman for an introduction to F. Adrian Meyer, who will help him to continue to improve his English, which has recently earned him a pay raise.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1911 Jan. 26

F. B. Vandegrift and Company

Letter from F. B. Vandegrift and Company to Benjamin Smith Lyman

New York (N.Y.) - F. B. Vandegrift and Company sends notice to Lyman that a parcel post package has been forwarded to him from the Adams Express Company. The Adams Express bill of lading is included with the notice, it lists "One Parcel Books," and has the addresses and telephone numbers of the Company's New York offices. The included envelope is addressed to Lyman in Philadelphia.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1894 Feb. 19

Brewer, Fanny J., 1840-1926

Letter from Fanny J. Brewer to Tokumatsu Nakajima

Boston (Mass.) - Fanny describes her recovery from a recent illness, including visits with several acquaintances. She encourages Toku to acknowledge that his own perseverance and determination are the sources of his recent good fortune. Fanny details the plot of a play at the pastor's house called "Over the Tea Cups," and notes that the church is not doing well.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1880 Dec. 22

Mourilyan, Heimann & Company

Mourilyan, Heimann & Company account statement

Yokohama-shi (Japan) - Benjamin Smith Lyman's account statement for the period of March-December 1880.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1885 June 28

Harris, William Torrey, 1835-1909

Letter from William Torrey Harris to Benjamin Smith Lyman

Concord (Mass.) - Harris writes that he will try get Lyman's thirty-eight page article into the April edition of the Journal of Speculative Philosophy, but may have to bump it to the next volume, due to its length. The included envelope is addressed to Lyman and marked "Present."

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1911 Apr. 27

Bascom, F. (Florence), 1862-1945

Letter from Florence Bascom to Benjamin Smith Lyman

Bryn Mawr (Pa.) - Bascom requests that Lyman telephone her if rain is likely to postpone the excursion of the Geological and Mineralogical Section of the Academy of Natural Sciences. The letter and included envelope are on Bryn Mawr Department of Geology stationery, and are addressed to Lyman in Philadelphia.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers

1891 Mar.

Lucia, V. N.

Letter from V. N. Lucia to Tokumatsu Nakajima

Middletown (Conn.) - Lucia comments on the curriculum for his course of study at Wesleyan University, and on the football team. A typewritten transcript of the letter is included.

Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers