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1941 Sept. 2

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

Letter from Caleb Foote to Fannin King

Lakeside (Ohio) - Will be taking a position as Youth Secretary with the FOR in California. Suicide of Anne Greene "in a fit of depression and what I think must have been a complete mental collapse." Enjoyable conference in Deering; Muste's course was top notch; feels green since the other youth secretaries all have experience in pacifist organizing. Proud to be working under Muste: "The ... more

Caleb Foote Papers

1942 Sept. 8

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

Letter from Caleb Foote to Ed and Marion

Los Angeles (Calif.) - Has had a long talk with Emi Kimura, interned at Santa Anita, and who "told me so me pretty grim things about what is happening to the little children," hiding and trembling fear at the sight of police and white men. Help for Emi Kimura. "Put any adjective you want next to it -- and you still haven't described the evil of the evacuation and detention of the Japanese and Japanese Americans.... more

Caleb Foote Papers

1941 July 28

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

Autobiographical statement submitted to Fellowship for Reconciliation

United States - Autobiographical statement submitted when seeking employment with FOR, discussing his post-college tour of the west to gain knowledge of the Dust Bowl migration; pacifist beliefs since he was 16.

Caleb Foote Papers

1941 Oct. 28

Fellowship of Reconciliation (U.S.), Northern California Committee

Northern California Committee Newsletter

Berkeley (Calif.) - First newsletter of FOR Northern California.

Caleb Foote Papers

1941 Aug. 17

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

Letter from Caleb Foote to John M. Swomley

Deering (N.H.) - Will be happy to work with the youth section of FOR, though he is not sure how long before his draft number comes up. Once he arrives in California, he wishes to tackle the migrant problem (the Dust Bowl refugees). Pacifist contacts.

Caleb Foote Papers

1941 Oct. 22

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

Letter from Caleb Foote to Lizabee [Elizabeth Stewardson McKay]

Berkeley (Calif.) - Attended a party at the McGifferts. Recommends reading George Bernard Shaw's Androcles and the Lion. Agrees there is more than one way and more than just the FOR way: "The more I study and think about it, the more conscious I am that the drive for peace is tremendously complex thing. In the first place there is, as you so clearly point out, the necessity for creating th... more

Caleb Foote Papers

1941 Sept. 5

Fellowship of Reconciliation (U.S.)

26th Annual Conference, Lakeside Ohio

Lakeside (Ohio) - Brochure with program and details on the FOR annual conference.

Caleb Foote Papers

1941 July 23

Swomley, John M., 1915-2010

Letter from John M. Swomley to Caleb Foote

New York (N.Y.) - Swomley (Fellowship of Reconciliation) looks forward to discussing having Foote work with FOR; if Foote is going home to New England after Pendle Hill, asks whether he would teach a course for peace at the Congregational Summer Camp in Deering, N.H.

Caleb Foote Papers

1941 Oct. 14

Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006

Letter from Caleb Foote to 'Pendle Hillers'

Fairfax (Calif.) - Has been traveling in the field with A.J. Muste; has not gotten married nor engaged, nor met HER; has not been drafted, but is instead the "forgotten man to my draft board" and Field Secretary for the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Less war sentiment on California than in New England, though there are sections like Marin County and Sonoma that are "hotbeds of militarism.... more

Caleb Foote Papers


Simon, Peter, 1947-

David Silver leaning against a wall

Boston (Mass.) - From a series of photographs.

Peter Simon Collection