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1959 Nov. 11

Domar, Evsey D.

Lecture by Evsey Domar on the Soviet Union

Amherst (Mass.) - Lecture (begins in progress) on visiting collective farms near Odessa, factories in Kiev, schools in Moscow, etc., and cautions to tourists visiting Russia that they are seeing what the authorities allow them to see. Academics and teaching of economics in Soviet Union. Domar was a Russian-born Keynesian economist at MIT.

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1963 June 2

Thant, U, 1909-1974

Education in our changing times

South Hadley (Mass.) - Commencement address, Mount Holyoke College.

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1976 Nov. 23

Harris, Ben Charles

Interview with Ben Charles Harris

Amherst (Mass.) - Interview with herbalist and nutritionist on value of herbs for medicine and food.

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1961 Feb. 15

Clurman, Harold, 1901-1980

The theater in contemporary society part 1

South Hadley (Mass.) - Lecture at Mount Holyoke College.

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Junkins, Donald, 1931

Donald Junkins interviewed by Robert Bagg

Discussing the tone and style of Junkins's poetry and his evolution from a free verse poet to a formal poet. Includes a reading of Junkins's poem, "Crossing by ferry."

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1966 Nov. 5

Carnovsky, Morris

Theatre, time of transition, rearguard action part 1

South Hadley (Mass.) - Part 1 of lecture delivered at opening of Rooke Theater, Mount Holyoke College.

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1965 Oct. 20

Zinn, Howard, 1922-2010

The new student radicalism part 1

South Hadley (Mass.) - Speaking at Mount Holyoke College on student activism in civil rights and antiwar movements.

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1967 Feb. 21

Alinsky, Saul David, 1909-1972

The democratic dilemma

Northampton (Mass.) - Political radicals and organizers. Lecture delivered at Smith College.

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1969 Oct. 3

October 15th Moratorium teach-in

Amherst (Mass.) - Teach-in at UMass Amherst regarding Vietnam Moratorium at Five Colleges and occupation at Amherst College.

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1966 Jan. 13

Irwin, Michael, 1934-

The Beatles

Four College Lecture Hall: lecture on the Beatles impact on popular culture and mass culture.

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